Ultrasonic cleaner - Final thread

If your USC can do a 30 minute cycle, you really don’t need to turn on the heat. Mine has no heater and gets just about as warm as I’d ever like it to be just from the vibrations.

it IS heating up :slight_smile:

i set temp to 45 and when it reaches 38, i turn off the heat 'cause it will get to 45 by self heating.

well, abot the over heating - i’m usually around to check the device from time to time… when it once got over heated (it was my first batch), i’ve used advice from one guy here - threw ice cubes in the water … after it melted, used a huge syringe to take out hot water and adding cold water from different sides. made this until i’ve regulated to the desired temp. - i didn’t want to stop the process, that’s why i’ve done all those strange manipulations :)))

another thing about over heating - i don’t add nicotine to the batch untill i’m done with heating cycles. after i’ve finished 4x30, i let the juice cool a bit, then add nicotine and then mixing with a mixer and let it rest in a drawer.

anyways, after two times of dealing with my USC i’ve understood how it works more or less and yesterday when i’ve made my 3rd batch, haven’t had any issues at all. only have made stupid mistake myself while mixing - was making a huge batch for my wife and when i had to add VG, took the bottle with PG … terrible :)))) i’ve noticed that after i’ve added pretty much from that bottle and had to make my batch even bigger to regulate the flavors … from the other side, after that mistake, my wife will have almost 1 liter of her fav. juice :joy: :joy: :joy:

Question:: is it ok to make 2 cycles of 30 mins today and then finish other 2 tommorow? or it ruins all the process?

It shouldn’t be a problem splitting your cycles. I suggest you try other methods also until you come up with a process that works best for you. I just stuck with that method because I can see my mixes have a darker color after the 4x30 minute cycles.

There are several steep methods that vary from user to user. The method I told you about is my method. Certain flavors react differently to heat. I don’t use the usc or heat with Medicine Flower flavors. I’m sure there are other flavors that don’t like heat, but I haven’t came across a mix that didn’t benefit from my method.


Good evening everyone! :slight_smile:

Before I’ve started using USC, I was letting my liquids breathe for 6 - 8 hours.

Do I need to do so after USC too?

I’ve used cleaner for the first time not long ago and made a batch. Let it breathe over night, checked it after 1.5 weeks and I have a feeling that it has lost some of it flavor.

Maybe, it has not finished steeping , maybe I’ve made a mistake which I do not understand. But in the past I’ve made the same liquids without USC and it was fine.

Anyone has any idea about this case?

Anyone? :slight_smile:
Help!? :)))

Comrades? :wink:

From what I have read on here, you only need to let a mix ‘breathe’ if it has alcohol in it, otherwise that is all that you’d be doing is letting the flavors evaporate out. Heating the molecules or agitating them a bunch then leaving it open, would most likely explain the loss of flavor…

Thanks! Actually I thought that breathing is essential for every recipe and always has left them breathe overnight…

conclusions: I’m very pleased with my USC model, recommended! after experimenting with my USC, i’ve came to this strategy:

  • 4 cycles of 30 mins in USC. Rest 15 mins between each cycle to cool the cleaner.

  • Sometimes, USC heats too much by itself, so during the cycles I check the temperature and if its too high, take out some of the hot water and add some cold water. I do not go higher than 40 degrees.

  • As long as the temperature is not good for creams, I don’t put Cream flavors in the USC. I add them after the circles are finished.

  • Heat is not good for nicotine. I never put it inside the USC. Only after I’ve finished all the cycles.


I’d just toss ice cubes in mine when I’d run multiple 30 min cycles back to back. Haven’t been using it much lately though. It doesn’t seem to be making a huge difference when my mixes are sitting for weeks before I can get to them. Never really noticed the USC causing problems with it degrading my cream flavors or my nic either.


I’ll be glad when I reach that point!
It’s getting closer though! As I just ordered another 20 bottles from Grant and team @Nicotine_River

Likewise. Zero issues with nic degrading due to heat (but then again, I’ve confirmed mine never goes above 118F either, and that’s on hot days where it’s 76 indoors)

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vape mizer or misor on you tube the guy gives a great demo with a custard step by step he shows the process which equals 2 weeks steep shows a natural steep and thw usc comparison color taste etc sorry i dont know how to link it from my phone but check it out

Is this the one?

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yes sir ty

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Anytime! BTW, it’s relatively easy to link a video here. The biggest thing IMO would probably be “do I want to place it as a link?” or "do I want to place it “inline” " (so that it’s visible without leaving the page)?

If you want it as I posted it above, just paste the entire link (including the http;/ portion) into your reply. The forum automatically does the rest.

If you don’t want to draw away from the thread (ie: something that may not be directly related, but still worth sharing) then just paste the web site address starting with the usual www.whatever, and it’ll show up in the normal blue link.

Hope this helps =)

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thank you yes i also have tried uploading pics on my phone it doesnt seem that i can i always have to take a pic to upla\oad

BTW if your worried about the nic degrading ho;ld it out until after you have steeped or used the USC

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I have the model pictured and have been very happy with it. The instructions say to give it a 15 minute rest between cycles, so I’ve been using a wind-up kitchen timer to keep track. Set the USC for a 30-min cycle, set the timer for 45 minutes.

iSonic P4810 ultrasonic cleaner

From the above page:


Anyone use this to steep e-juice?


This model P4810 is the best model for e-steeping at homes. Many customers use it for this application. It has an industrial grade stack transducer which is about twice stronger and more durable than wafer transducers used in our smaller personal models. It has an almost square tank so the ultrasonic energy is uniform through out the tank. In comparison, another very popular model P4820, Amazon item B009BC4S0G is slightly bigger at 2.6 Qt (vs. 2.1 Qt of P4810). It has a rectangular tank so it has weaker spots at the two far ends of the tank. It’s better suited for longer items such as dental instruments. P4810 also has a 30-minute timer which is needed for e-steeping. Standard P4820 has a 8-minute timer (480 seconds), although we have an upgraded 25-minute model on Amazon, item # B00HLBKNOY. see less
By Joy4Less on January 18, 2016 SELLER

(disclaimer: I have no connection with amazon.com or the item’s seller)

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Apologies if I left the impression that I was the one curious (or inquiring about that particular UC). I was only trying to help by posting the video (on fidalgo_vapes’ behalf) for the ones who were curious, and was asking him for confirmation that I’d posted the video that he was referring to. =)

FWIW, I use a 20+yr old professional grade model that runs for an hour at a time, and doesn’t require the cool down that consumer models do. :wink:

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Oh, I just thought I’d throw in a recommendation for my model since the image was displayed.

We have an industrial grade USC at work that has been used and abused for years… used to clean 510 atomizers in it, would take the paint completely off the black ones. Pretty impressive!

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Why is it that you guys run the USC less for custards?