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Unicorn Or Mother's Milk


It’s not that these “Milk” recipes are awesome, it’s more like they were some easily DIY’ed originals. It’s more like they are “easy to like”. Especially as a new Vaper when you haven’t truly found your flavor profile just yet …easy to like these, and figure out your actual All Month Vape preferences inbetween …oh and I still like 'em …oh and I use Stevia (search “NowFoods Glycerite”)


Does Stevia lack all the negative traits of sucralose? I don’t require sweetener, but it’s true that it gives some recipes a nice kick.


Both Suicide Bunny and Cuttwood are still around and pumping out e-liquids.


I heard these e-liquids were so good because these awesome “Milk” recipes had a lil BoDarc blood in them,something like that…:wink: Just easy to like is right brotha…


Glad to know they’re both around still. They have any other good vapes or were they just one hit wonders?


For me MM is not overpowering / overwhelming in flavour, tolerable day or night and I don’t seem to get bored of it, there are definitely better tasting e-liquids out there but as an ADV, I can’t beat this one.


Pick a food that you could live off of. You could eat it three times a day every day and you would never get sick of it. You could do that but you would still want to change things up now and then. In fact there may be other dishes that you probably like better but couldn’t eat every day. This one dish is the best all day every day dish for you. That’s MUM to me.


I’ve been using Mother’s Unicorn Milk for a long time but then tried Strawberry fog which is very similar but it doesn’t have any TPA Sweet Cream in it and much lower flavor percentage. This Sweet Cream just kills the mouth feel for me. Right now I’m fiddling around with a recipe based on Strawberry Fog. Promising so far but not quite where i want to go with it. I just love INW Shisha Vanilla, perhaps that’s why I’m a bit enthusiastic and the recipe might be rubbish. I want to get it less sweet eventually and get more of this incense like touch and the coconut.


Sucker Punch is good if you like Dragonfruit.


The clones here are not exact but as @BoDarc mentioned quite easy to make and like. The one I make and vape the most is Cutwook Unicorn Milk, and i tweak a little trying to get it closer to the original.
Here is our last batch of clones ready for labels:


Formulating my cheesecake free milk recipe.
Wow this one vapes itself!


I am learning a lot about this topic thanks to everybody’s input. I bought the MM and Cookies version and wasn’t very impressed so I put it away and forgot about it for a month or two then I started running low on juice and went back to it,bloody hell it was stunning and the best vape I’ve ever had,I could hardly detect any strawberry at all which suited me because I’m not a fruit lover but the rest of the flavours was full on with a great filling mouth feel. I personally think that a lot of MM recipes has too much strawberry in them which is overkill for the original which I have also tried,it is a far more complex flavour than just strawberry and I am pretty certain that there is coconut in there. When I try these recipes with only one type of strawberry even though it is very faint in the original mine seems to come out very watery and wishy washy which I find quite unpleasant to be honest and I find it unvapable even though I’ve followed the recipes to a tee and others rave about them but we all know that taste is subjective so it may just be me.
Suicide Bunny also make a few other popular ejuices and one in particular which is my favourite is the Original Bunny or better known as the O.B,this one is full and creamy with a caramel or Dulce de Leche flavour,I have made couple of different versions of this but I found the simpler one the most accurate to the original.
My quest will continue until I find something that at least resembles the original MM and Cookies because although I’ve tried quite a lot of other eliquids this is my favourite.


I’ve got a ’ Unicorn milk remix’ recipe that I’ve adapted from that recipe I found on here it’s got 8 days steep time up & it smells amazing ,nor just like a Strawberry solo mix either. I use Stevia & monk fruit extract natural sweetener by Raw Earth. 95g VG 5g of the granules & a shit load of shaking & heating up to 40°c but totally worth it. I didn’t use any of it in this particular recipe just mentioned it after reading through this thread I’ve got a few mixes that are already very vapable so I’m going to leave this remix recipe as long as possible as I believe that this mix will benefit from the extra time. There was no recommended steep time on the tecipe that I adapted from but milks or creaams I ve leaent can take the longest time to steep & properly develop & now I’ve got a few mixes that are vape ready I have the luxury of time!


Since I posted this about my Unicorn milk remix recipe I’ve been very lucky with having a m8 come to stay with me in Brissy from Bowen. As a thanks to me for getting him vaping he bought me the Vaporesso Armour pro with the Cascade baby tank and a purple Ohm Boy Rage which is my 1st squonker! I had a pretty big issue to start with not being able to get the silicon bottle out & when I did the lid got stuck. Probably all could have been avoided if the staff @ the Super Vape store had given me some sort of instructions as I made it clear it was my 1st squonk mod! They did fix it & replace the silicon bottle free of charge & I got a guy on his 1st day @ the store & he has been more helpful than all the other staff combined! I had wanted to get a Lost Vape DNA squonker that was available on their site & was looking @ getting the Vaporesso Polar which of course they didn’t have either! It’s ok really now I’m very happy with the performance of the Armour pro now that I’ve got 2 21700 batteries as running a single 18650 I was changing the battery 3 times a day. Not the tank though, it’s got an extra 2mls more than the NRG Vaporesso tank I’d been using. Also it came loaded with a mesh coil & I fell in love with them! So although I have said that I’d never go back to the Super Vape store again but they had the 2 packs of the Vaporesso mesh coils I was after, the 21700 batteries I needed @ a great price & 2 chargers that I’ve wanted for awhile…then my external battery charger died so that sealed the deal to go back! So now I’ve got a USB 2 bay charger perfect for travel & a 4 bay Nitecore D4 with awesome LCD display with all the info on each battery u could ever need! So I’m happy as a pig in mud atm! Also I got a Brother ptouch label maker in pink! Also got the AC cord attachment so no need for loads of batteries. The cord cost more than the label maker go figure! Git some awesome refill tape for it in gold with white letters & pink with white, then the regular black.on white. All of the labelling tape is apparently smudge proof, waterproof & even chemical proof! The printing is thermal so no messy ink just a click in cassette like tape refill. I haven’t had a chance to mix any juice since my m8 has been here but had made enough that I still haven’t used or bought any premium eliquids. I nailed my perfect bakery inspired recipe with my ’ Very vanilla cupcake with lemon cream’ & it seems to taste even better everyday! ADV for sure the only other juice I’ve vaped is the 'Strawberry ice-cream ’ by Joe & Joe it’s great as a SnV & ADV but as time goes on the cream & the strawberries meld together just like the best strawberry ice-cream u ever had! Ok reason for writing this - tried my 'Unicorn milk remix ’ today after making it on the 30 of last month (October). Tried it on my 1st dual coil build on my Dead Rabbit with the Ohm boy Rage & honestly all my Christmases have come at once! Thanks to elr as I would still not have a clue about what I’m doing & this site & the wonderful people here have been a great addition to my life!


Hey Chuck all you had to do was mention to me you had no cheesecake and I would fix you up! I’ve got tons here.


Thanks Ceecee but this post is a year old now. I’ll know for next time for sure. Thanks.


Still would have fixed you up though. :grinning: