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Updating flavor naming conventions (an update from Sprks)


Well that’s what I was thinking @TorturedZen, because right now, it’s like we are taking on a reactionary stance. Clean it up (and keep cleaning it up AFTER the damage has been done).

Only allowing APPROVED flavors, fixes it on the FRONT end BEFORE any damage has been done. Will require maybe a few more staff, but, seems mo smarter that way.



Stupid question, do we even have and/or maintain a flavor naming convention page for newer users here ??

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Yeah, you either go full open or completely restricted. Now we’re somewhere in between. If you add a flavor and misspell it, you can’t even correct your mistake and it remains in the database. This way it all falls onto 1 or 2 people who have to clean up the mess for 1000’s of people.



But I can also see that fostering ‘naming wars’ with of a few of the more belligerent types.
“This is what’s on the fucking bottle, that’s the way I want it!”



Wikipedia has rules to follow too. You can agree with it or not, but the rules are to be followed.
A thread like this is just talking about the rules, questioning motives and outcomes, doesn’t mean that everyone could just keep changing flavors.
Just like Wikipedia, rogue elements can be revoked access. It’s not the intention to make a bigger mess, quite the opposite.



Doing great keep up the good work. People will adapt. :wink:



I hear what you mean like if they don’t have these basic badges they can not make a new flavor.

But on the downside that will bring all the trolls and fights over here to the forums.

Read Guidelines


Completed our new user tutorial


Granted invitations, group messaging, more likes


Not really, I mean in terms of respect for the rules and basic decency. But I guess having those badges would prove for example that you’ve done your reading and are aware of how things work around here.
It’s not because you don’t agree with something and want to discuss it that you should mess things up. We’re all adults and should behave like it.

I’m not sure if there are a lot of trolls here, ELR is nothing like youtube. But in case there are, it’s not difficult to block accounts or IP addresses for people who are willfully misbehaving and ruining it for others.



Not an official page that I know of. Just the Guide that I direct them to.



Yea that happens…

It sounds like maybe a private version of the recipe site for pros is what your really looking for? That does sound interesting



If I owned a company that specialized in creating e-juices. I would definitely inquire about licensing this site-code and structure for a private in-house web-app for flavor makers.

It is just that awesome of an app for a group to collaborate on projects.



lol no, not at all, what I’m looking for is a solution for the flavor mess… I’m just thinking out loud, throwing up ideas how to get there like many others have already done.

I’m not at all in favor of separated versions



That option has always been in place.
Creating Your Private Flavor Stash



Thanks I’ll take a look.



There have been a few. Nothing drastic. And it’s not so much they are willfully misbehaving as much as it is stubbornness and flat-out defiance.
I’ve interacted with some users recipe side that would have been perfectly content with their incorrectly named flavors, had I not responded and commented. I mean let’s face it, some people in this world don’t like being told what to do and that they are wrong. Their walls come up instinctively.

Disclaimer: I don’t tell them they’re wrong, they perceive it that way.



That doesn’t allow a list to be made.



Other than a flavors list? Guess I’m confused now.



Anyone think this is good or bad ?



I think it’s a terrible idea. Some people have reasons for naming things as they do. “That’s what’s on my bottle” is a perfectly legitimate point to make and a perfectly legitimate reason for them to keep that name in their stash. Other people have custom flavors that they mix as a stone, a dilution or create as an NET. There’s no way to standardize that.

It makes more sense to create categories. 1 - Standard name 2 - DIY and 3 - uncategorized. This way all the non standard names will get dumped into #3 and we can sort to exclude them the same way we sort to exclude single flavor recipes.

At the same time, we could be able to set our defaults when entering our stash. The same way we can check the box “Use manufacturers specific gravity” we can check the box “use standard naming conventions” at which point the drop down would include only the standard versions.



I’ve suggested a system like this multiple times, where everybody works with approved flavors.
If someone comes with a new flavor, the mixer can enter it in the database where it gets a pre-approved status. He/she can work with it in private recipes and only publish those once the flavors get an approved status.

Moderators will still need some work dealing with pre-approved flavors, but those won’t be a burden anymore on the 1000’s of other people using this site.
Other sites are using approved flavors too, you really don’t need to reinvent the wheel.