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New Released: Space Max Sub-Ohm Disposable Kit 4000 Puffs 10ml

The Space Max Sub-Ohm Disposable Kit is pre-filled with 10ml of vape juice and is available in several unique flavors.



• 10ml Pre-filled Vape Juice for deal

• Sub-ohm Mechanism

• 5% Nicotine Strength

• 1500mAh Integrated Battery

• 4000 Puffs

• Draw-activated

Enjoy up to 4000 puffs of superior flavor from the built-in sub-ohm mechanism.Simply draw through the mouthpiece to activate the device and enjoy.You could buy the best disposable vapes from vape shops near me.

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The Latest Elf Bar XC5000 Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit 5000 Puffs 13.5ml

The XC5000 is a collaboration made by Elf Bar using Pod King flavors.The same model as the Elf Bar BC5000, each XC5000 contains a 650 mAh rechargeable battery, Mesh Coil, 13.5 ml reservoir, and a USB-C Fast Charging Port.The Pod King Elf Bar comes in ten limited edition flavors.


• 5% Nicotine
• 13.5ml Vape Juice Capacity
• 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
• Mesh Coil
• 5000 Puffs

Since the XC5000’s are produced in the Elf Bar Factory, each has an anti-counterfeit scratch off sticker which can be verified here. Make sure any Elf Bar you receive has this sticker with a colorful imbedded holographic line and scan code.

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GEEK BAR X6000 Disposable Kit 6000 puffs 14ml $17.99

The Geek Bar X6000 is a disposable vape Pod that comes pre-filled with a generous 14ml of e-liquid, which can last up to 6000 puffs! It is one of the longest lasting, draw activated vape bars available today!

This Disposable device near me is powered by a 630mAh rechargeable battery.X6000 delivers a consistently good taste from beginning to end. Geek Vape’s X6000 technology features high quality coils that steadily deliver extremely fresh and flavorful vape hits with a comfortable grip.

Please go to vape online store to make an order.

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New Released:Esco Bars Aquios H2O Mesh Disposable Vape Kit 6000 Puffs 15ml $18.99

The Esco Bars H2O Disposable Vape device is loaded with 6000 draw-activated puffs. It comes pre-filled with 15ml of 50mg Aquios water-based E-Liquid too.


• 5% Nicotine

• 15ml Vape Juice Capacity

• 650mAh Rechargeable Battery

• Mesh Coil

• 6000 Puffs

This is awesome revolutionary technology from Aquios Labs, who created the very first generation of Aquios (AQ30) which supports 30% water.This space-age technology from Aquios E-Liquids lets users enjoy a more saturated and satisfying flavor experience with less throat irritation.

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Help with Pain & Anxiety: KOI CBD Disposable Vape Kit

Select Vape presents the Koi CBD Disposable Device from vape shop online. Introducing the Koi CBD disposable devices, featuring an integrated 280mAh non-rechargeable powered device offering 200-300 puffs of delicious flavorful CBD. Each bar contains 1.3ml of 100mg CBD and operates via draw-activated firing mechanism. These disposables are perfect for taking with you on the go to satisfy that CBD craving. Once the liquid is used up, simply dispose the device and grab a new one!

Koi CBD has been one of the top cbd vape kit, Delta-8 & Delta-10 THC manufacturers and distributors in the world. Crafting the highest quality products in their lab here in the USA, these products will not disappoint. Try their Delta-8 THC gummies, tinctures, or vapeables today. Now available here on Vape Craft for amazingly low pricing! Koi CBD, Delta 8 & Delta 10 THC are all available for some of the lowest prices ever!

Tropical Popsicle
Strawberry Milkshake
Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit

KOI CBD Disposable Vape Kit Features:
1.3mL Prefilled CBD Vape Juice
Integrated 280mAh Battery
100mg CBD Isolate
Approximately 200-300 Puffs
Draw-Activated Firing Mechanism
3rd Party Tested
USA Grown Hemp
Available in Tropical Popsicle, Strawberry Milkshake, and Blue Raspberry Dragon Fruit

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Koi Tropical Popsicle CBD E-juice Meets Your Immediate Needs for Instant Relief

From a rising star in the cannabidiol (CBD) field, Koi Tropical Popsicle CBD Vape E-juice from vape shops near me offers an exceptionally smooth and satisfying drawing experience. Koi Tropical Popsicles start with 100% naturally sourced pure CBD isolate, incorporating premium vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol for signature Koi smoothness. Plus, surprisingly, Tropical Popsicle has a blend of natural and artificial flavors to enhance the overall feel.

It really only takes one hit with this extraordinary vape oil to understand why the Koi brand is held so highly in the enthusiast community. Thanks to its balanced PG/VG ratio, Tropical Popsicle evokes a smooth intake and impeccably pure intake that will satisfy the needs of almost all vapers. In addition, the surrounding aroma is very pleasant, especially to passersby, which doesn’t hurt, it’s safe to say.

Additionally, Koi Tropical Popsicle vape cbd free shipping E-liquid is known for its versatility. This excellent oil can be used in any evaporator. Additionally, the manufacturer claims that no special setup or power requirements are required; therefore, you can vape to your liking. Best of all, from a flavor modulation standpoint, Koi Tropical Popsicle CBD E-liquid can be combined with your favorite e-liquid, which is a boon for e-liquid flavor lovers.

Also, Koi Tropical Popsicles can be used as a tincture. For adult use, take a full dropper (approximately 1 ml) and apply it under the tongue (sublingual). You can also try tropical popsicles as a cooking ingredient or mixed with your favorite beverage.

Koi Tropical Popsicle CBD online Specifications:
Available Strengths: 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg
Available Sizes: 30ml
Type: CBD Isolate
Flavors: Cherries, Lime, Raspberry
THC Content: 0%
Active Cannabinoids: CBDa, CBDV
Propylene Glycol
Vegetable Glycerine
Hemp Oil (CBD Isolate - THC Free)
Natural and Artificial Flavor Concentrate

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New Released:Smoant Vikii Pro Pod System Kit 700mAh 10W $11.99

Smoant VIKII PRO, inheriting VIKII’s affordable cost & ultra light design, uses new VIKII PRO Cartridge which adopts top filling design & built-in 1.2ohm mesh coil for MTL vaping.


• Ultra Light

• Affordable Cost

• Softy Touch Feeling

• Top-fill Design

• 700mAh Internal Battery

• Max 10W Output

• PC&PCTG Material

• 1.0ohm/1.2ohm Coil Resistance

• 3ml Vape Juice Capacity

• Top Filling System

• Magnetic Connection

• Draw-activated

The cheap Smoant Vikii Pro pod kit designs with no-button minimalist pod system and supports directly vaping without any button. Adopting top-grade rubber paint, it can give you the perfect grip and metallic colored look.

Please click vape shops near me to buy the best vape Smoant Vikii Pro.

Quick Link:Smoant Vikii Pro Pod System Kit 700mAh 10W

New Released:Stylish DotMod dotStick Revo Pod System Kit In Stock!
Let’s introduce you to the new dotmod dotStick Revo! Using a Supercapacitor instead of a lithium-ion battery, the dotStick Revo is the world’s first vape without a battery.


• First Supercapacitor Battery

3.5ml Tank

• Compatible With All 0.3ohm or Higher dotCoils

• Whistle Drip Tip

• 5-35W Output Range

• Charged and Discharged over 15,000 Times

• 5-minute Charging

• MTL or DTL Vape

The Supercapacitor have many advantages over batteries;It can be charged and discharged over 15,000 times without degrading significantly. With MTL or DTL options, you can vape freebase or nicotine salts. With the Revo, you can output 5 W to 35 W and use any of their world-famous dotCoils rated over 0.3 ohms.

Please go to cvape store to buy.

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Feel the Difference with CBDfx CBD Vape Kit 1000mAh

The new compact and lightweight CBD FX vape kit from online vape shop provide you with everything you need to enjoy CBD oils. With an industry-leading ceramic glass and steel cartridge, this CBD vape kit is going to give you the best possible CBD vaping experience. Regular mods burn at a higher temperature whereas this mod is specifically designed for CBD oil, ensuring that you will not burn the oil.

CBDFx has the CBD vape kit. Although this is not the most up-to-date device on the market, it has some impressive features that are worth highlighting and will definitely be a welcome experience to new and experienced CBD lovers.

Combined with the fact that vape cbd free shipping offers three CBD potency options ranging from 16.6mg/ml to 33.3mg/ml, finding a sweet spot even for the most demanding vapers is easy. You can also customise the CBD concentration to something that suits you by diluting the CBD vape liquid with a non-CBD vape oil for a lower potency if you want.

Although vaping CBD isn’t really about the experience but more about getting better results and experience, it does help if you can also enjoy the vaping experience because it also has therapeutic effects.

cbdfx vape kit online Specifications:
Battery: 1000mAh lithium rechargeable battery
Cartridge: Ceramic Coil, Glass and Steel Cartridge
Charger: USB Charger
Instructions: Instructions Manual
Connector: Magnetic Adaptor Ring, Compatible with all 510 Threaded Cartridges like CBDfx CBD V2 Cartridge in stock

Uncomplicated, single button operation
Ultra-Compact Design: Only 4″ High, 1″ wide and 0.6″ thick
High quality ceramic glass/steel cartridge
Lightweight: only 2oz
1000mAh Li-ion USB rechargeable battery

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A Taste for Healing-Flie Fatty Rechargeable Disposable Kit 8000 puffs 16ml

Flie Fatty Disposable stands out with its foldable mouth lip. It sports a 16ml e-juice capacity, the adjustable airflow lets you fine-tune flavor.


• 8000 Puffs

• Foldable Mouth Lip

• 16ml E-juice Capacity

• Adjustable Airflow

• 850mAh Integrated Battery

• Pre-filled, Pre-charged, Rechargeable

• Running Light

• 1.2ohm Mesh Coil

• MTL Vape

Powered by 850mAh integrated battery.The 1.2ohm mesh coil restores more flavor for MTL vape, each disposable pod lasts up to 8000 puffs. It offers an extraordinary variety of flavors and 5% nicotine strength for you to look forward to as well, if you are looking for convenient on-the-go vaping, here is it.

Please go to vape shops near me to choose the best vape device.

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New Release: CBDfx Blue Raspberry Vape Series CBD E-juice 30ml

This CBDfx Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice is offered at vape shop online in three distinct varieties: 250mg, 500mg, and 1000mg of cannabidiol. With 30ml per juice, you can utilize between 2mg and 8mg of CBD per serving. CBDfx gives you an opportunity to choose which strength best fits your lifestyle for added therapeutic convenience. CBD vape juices are designed to be added to existing vape kits. CBDfx Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice can be dripped into existing mods or used to fill empty vape cartridges or pods.

This CBDfx product is ideal for anyone who is already familiar with the vape life but wants to experience the power of CBD treatment. This CBD e-liquid gets its noteworthy blue raspberry flavor from only the finest natural sources. Nowhere in this CBDfx vape juice will you find unnatural or unhealthy flavor additives. CBDfx created this blue raspberry taste with the intent of complementing your CBD treatment, not drawing away from the potential benefits of cannabidiol by adding unnecessary accompaniments. Additionally, Blue Raspberry CBD Vape Juice from CBDfx vape possesses only four ingredients in order to ensure the quality of your experience. Their CBD derives from organic, Kentucky-grown hemp that is completely non-GMO. This CBDfx vape juice takes CBD therapeutics to a new level. Cannabidiol, when vaped, possesses quick-acting benefits and allows for immediate ingestion.

Blue Raspberry Vape Juice by CBDfx delivers CBD sourced from organic hemp farms mixed with the sweet and sour flavors of blueberries and raspberries. Discover the flavor of your favorite electric blue candies without turning your tongue blue with CBDfx Blue Raspberry Vape Juice.CBDfx Vape Juice comes in a wide variety of flavors, each one containing high-quality hemp oil, vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and natural flavoring. From Gelato with terpenes to Rainbow Candy, CBDfx has a flavor for every palate.

cheap cbdfx blue raspberry cbd vape juice Features:
30mL Chubby Unicorn Bottle
Child Resistant Cap
99% Pure CBD Isolate Formulation
50% VG
50% PG
Made in USA
Available in 500mg, 1000mg, 2000mg

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Koi CBD Strawberry Milkshake CBD E-juice 30ml $19.99 Cheap For Sale

Discover the flavor of Koi’s Strawberry Milkshake Vape Juice at vape online store. Koi’s provides a delightful blend of creamy milkshake, juicy strawberry and reposeful CBD oil. Koi’s 30mL vape juice is infused with 250mg of hemp extract containing CBD. You’ll get 8.3mg of CBD per drop with a rich blend of nostalgic flavors. Koi’s vape juice can be used directly in your MTL pod device alongside other e-juice liquids to create a unique vaping experience.

An all-time greatest hit in the dessert world, strawberry milkshakes have delighted young and old for decades. Koi brings the authentic ice-cream shop experience with this delightful e-liquid. Creamy, rich, fruity, and sweet, this Koi CBD online vape is a near-perfect blend of dessert flavors that will leave you wanting more. This delicious dessert flavor is easy to customize to your unique needs; Koi offers a truly impressive range of CBD potencies, from 100mg to 1000mg of CBD in each 30ml bottle. A confectionary delight, this is a powerfully delicious and luxuriously decadent dessert vape.

Koi CBD vape liquids come in 30mL bottles and contain either 500mg or 1000mg of CBD per bottle. CBD vape juices can be vaped using a dedicated vaping device by themselves or in combination with traditional e-liquid.

koi strawberry milkshake in stock Specifications:
Non-detectable levels of THC (<0.001%)
Available in 4 strengths of CBD

100mg of CBD per 1.3mL Vape Bar
Third-party lab tested
200-300 Puffs
Nicotine free
0% THC

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New Arrivals:Kado MARK Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit 3000 Puffs 8ml $15.99

The hottest, latest, newest vape disposable just arrived!Check out the Kado Mark 3000 Puffs Disposable! A cornucopia of delectable flavors makes this puffer the one to have.


• 5%(50mg) Nicotine
• 8ml Vape Juice Capacity
• Rechargeable integrated Battery
• Mesh Coil
• 3000 Puffs
• Draw-activated

Besides its sleek design, you can vape with the cap off for a more free-flowing airy draw, or leave the cap on for a tighter, more intense draw. The cap of this handheld vape pen may also be attached to the bottom of the vape so you will not lose it while showing it off to everyone around you!

Please go to vape shops near me to order.

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Hotbox Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit 7500 Puffs 16ml $17.99

The Hotbox Disposable Vape 7500 Puffs from vape shop is a all new disposable featuring a mesh coil system and paired with 5% synthetic nicotine. This all new propriety mesh coil design allows for the purest and strongest flavor production out of any other disposable currently on the market. Included with every Hotbox Disposable is a USB type c charging cable along with a Hotbox Lanyard.

The Hotbox is a compact, lightweight, and portable system that allows users to puff away without having to worry about anything. Pre-filled with 16.0mL of Synthetic Nicotine and available in multiple flavor profiles, this is the perfect on-the-go device. Each Hotbox Disposable has an integrated 700mAh rechargeable battery and lasts for up to 7500 puffs.

disposable vape brands
7500 puffs per Device
Integrated 700mAh Rechargeable Battery
USB Type C Port Rapid Charging – USB Type C cable included with every Hotbox
Lanyard Hook for easy carrying – Lanyard included with every Hotbox
All New Mesh Coil – Intense Flavor Production
Pre-Filled with 16mL of Synthetic Nicotine Salt E-Liquid
Salt Nicotine: 5%
Pre-Charged – Simply Puff on the Device to Activate
Compact, Lightweight, and Portable

hotbox disposable USA Flavors:
Aloe Grape – Aloe | Grape
Blue Slushee Ice – Blue Slushee | Menthol
Crisp Menthol – Menthol
Gummy – Gummy Candies
Lush Ice – Watermelon | Menthol
Strawberry Apple Ice – Strawberry | Apple | Menthol
Strawberry Rainbow – Strawberry | Rainbow Candies
Strawberry Watermelon Ice – Strawberry | Watermelon | Menthol
Tropical Slushee – Tropical Blend | Menthol
White Peach Razz – White Peach | Raspberry

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You Need-Best Elf Bar Airo Max Rechargeable Disposable Kit 5000 Puffs $18.99

The Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Pod is draw activated and pre-filled with 50mg nicotine salt e-liquid, a highly concentrated salt-based nicotine that absorbs into the bloodstream at a faster rate than free-base nicotine.The faster absorption rate causes the user to experience a rush more quickly with similar satisfaction to a cigarette.


• 5000 Puffs

• 5% Nicotine Strength

• Mesh Coil

• USB-C Rechargeable

• Draw Activated

The Elf Bar Airo Max disposable pod vape in stock are outstandingly smooth, flavorful, and provides supremely satisfying throat hits. The Elf Bar Airo Max Disposable Pod comes fully charged and is sold individually.

You could go to online vape shop to choose one disposable vape your favorite.

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VGOD Cubano Black E-Juice 60ml/30ml $15.99

The boldest version of Cubano that VGOD has to offer at online vape shop, this Cubano Black Nic Salt Juice serves up the superbly robust flavor of traditional Cuban cigar tobacco in this complex yet satisfying flavor profile. An ideal choice for those who enjoy striking tobacco flavors with rich, subtly creamy undertones, this Cubano Black Nic Salt Juice is frequently praised by fans for delivering an earthy and well-balanced flavor that doesn’t sacrifice complexity. If you enjoy the bold tobacco flavor of traditional Cuban cigars, you’ll want to give this robust Cubano Black Nic Salt Juice by VGOD a try today.

VGOD’s Cubano Black e juice sale comes in a 30ml bottle of nicotine salt juice with your choice between a 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5.0%) nicotine strength. Not craving Cubano Black? Be sure to check out VGOD’s full selection of nicotine salt juices.

SaltNic has risen the Cubano Black for your favorite pod system! Cubano Black brings more of a bold tobacco flavor along with your favorite vanilla custard! The Cubano legend has continued! Cubano Black and Cubano both compliment each other, especially when they are mixed together! Available in both 25mg and 50mg, these are specifically designed for low wattage pod systems only. Vapers who are looking to add a delicious tobacco flavor to their collection, this is the choice to make! VGOD Cubano Black is not too sweet, and not too dry making it just the perfect choice for an all day vape!

vgod cubano black e-juice Specifications:
Brand: VGOD
Flavor: Cubano Black
Bottle Size: 60mL
Bottle Type: Chubby Unicorn Bottle
VG/PG: 70/30
Flavor Profile: Tobacco / Cuban Cigar / Cream / Custard
Made in USA
Nicotine Type: Freebase
Available Nicotine Levels: 0mg / 3mg / 6mg

Features:Bottle Size - 30mL Unicorn Bottle
Available Nicotine - 25mg | 50mg
VG/PG Ratio - 70VG/30PG

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Review:Monster Bars Max 6000 Puffs Rechargeable Disposable Vape Kit 12ml $19.99

Here is an all new disposable from Monster Vape Labs! The Monster Bars Max Disposable 6000 Puffs boasts and delivers a longer lasting bar for your extended enjoyment, in your choice of many dynamite flavors.

• 5% Nicotine

• 12ml Vape Juice Capacity

• Rechargeable integrated Battery

• Mesh Coil

• 6000 Puffs

Stats are 12mL eliquid near me, 6000 Puffs per device, and 5% Nicotine!If you want to learn more details about more disposable vapes,go to vape online store.

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