VG/PG Based nic when don't want any nic calculator question

Okay, I am stepping into making my own juice now. 12-22$ a bottle is a killer. So, I just bought my supplies (I think!) and when using the calculator, it asks for PG based Nic percentage and VG percentage. I don’t have any nic as I don’t want any. I can’t leave the value 0 because it won’t let me. Also, I clicked on max vg, so it doesn’t say any drops to use of PG and says 788 drops of VG in a 30 ml bottle? I really have no clue what I’m doing yet. Supplies just ordered and tryin to get head start. If ANYONE can please help guide me, I’d appreciate it. I found a recipe I like, but doesn’t specify anything except the % of flavor. Nothing else. Thank you and hope I’m not an idiot here! Am I supposed to add water also? I don’t want alcohol or vodka for goodness sakeS! I’m liable to hurt myself doing this lol

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Sometimes a pic helps…

In above recipe, you see I’ve specified 0 nic in 'Desired Strength. That determines how much nic will end up in my mix. That’s what matters to you, regardless of what the Nicotine strength, pg and vg ‘content of nicotine’ show.

REsulting recipe:

If you check the ‘Max VG’ box, the reciipe won’t call for you to add any PG at all. The only pg
you’ll end up having in your ejuice will be the flavoring (depending on the flavoring you use - most flavoring is pg based).
I don’t use water in my recipes. Some use distilled water to thin it out, but most do not.


I think @Alisa pretty much has it covered, but I’d like to throw in a link to a beginner’s thread with a lot of helpful information if you’re inclined to do a little reading. :wink:


DaMomma DaMomma…did you draw those purple lines on a Note 3?
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Nope. I have a little app on my desktop that does screen captures and allows me to draw or add text.
It’s free and called ‘Snipping Tool’ . I think it comes with the latest Windows OS.

Windows 10?

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Yeah, WIN10 comes with it. Handy little tool.


Thank you very much that is very helpful! I am having a really bad problem with the quantiy outcome of my juice. I started off just trying a 30 ml recipe. I was extremely happy because it tasted really really good for my first try, however; the big problem is that I really only got about 20 mls out of it

So I just got done making a larger batch and thought I would attempt to make 100 mill bottle, well, I only got maybe about 60 actual-- what am I doing wrong ?

I’m sorry Weez, but I don’ know how to help you without more information.

How are you measuring? By volume or weight? (syringes or scale)

Are you using the ELR calculator?