Warm-up of Heaven Gifts FIFA World Cup Contest: Win US$50 Gift Card--7/2

2 Internet

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I like the colors:

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5.Tag 3 of your friends here to enter.
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  1. The Harrisburg Senators
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  1. I don’t know what a FIFA is?
  1. This week
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1.Do you have a favorite team? If not, just comment with 2018 FIFA World Cup.

2.How do you follow FIFA World Cup? On the spot, TV live, Internet or anything else?
TV live

3.Which setup do you think is the most suitable for World cup watching? Paste the link from our site if we have.
I would pair these two babies:

4.Apart from vape gears, which ejuice is your favorite one among our premium e-liquid collection 2? Paste the link, too.

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6.Tag 3 of your friends here to enter. @Roycevape @CosmicTruth @BoDarc

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I’m picking Germany, but I’m rooting for Cameroon, but the winner will prob be Adidas or CocaCola