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What Are You Listening To (Part II)?


It’s Friday , now shake that ass!:rofl:


Not really into rap, but the video is the sh!t


I seem to remember I had a huge crush on the backup singer in the blue silk top :heart:

Over 17 million views for this one. It seems like a lot of people are taking it to the top and stomping all night. Cheers.


Hmm… an Irish band I actually listen to. Happy Pat’s day!



One of my all-time favorite bands to see live. Last time I saw them play, I’d been in the pit for “What’s left of the Flag” just having a full-on BLAST of a time. The song ended, and a guy next to me in a very strong Aussie accent yelled at me, “You Yanks are fuckin’NUTZ!!” and gave me a great big bear hug. Molly opened into “Devil’s”, at which time I launched the Aussie across the pit.

The last I heard or saw of him was a shout and a face full of glee as he disappeared into a swarm of sweaty flailing meat. Good times…


I’ve never seen FM but a friend saw them in Chicago and said it was one of the best bands at the festival. Was when I started listening to them.
I’ve never been brave enough to go into a mosh pit or wall of death… haa! Sounds like you had a blast. Love it!!! Good times…good times. :+1:


Plant says Led Zeppelin will never tour again but would go see him with this band if he ever comes around. Loving the African sounds he’s adding to his sound.


Saw them do the houses of the holy show in 1973


If you ever get the chance to see them, I’d highly recommend doing so. Just be prepared, as they typically play most of their faster songs at damn near twice the tempo of the studio versions-Probably why jumping into the pit is such a fine time at their live gigs!

My pit days are over, thanks to the neck injury. Never really cared for the Wall of Death-When you’re in the pit, it’s because you WANTED to get the snot banged out of you and to return the favor. Walls tend to grab up unsuspecting bystanders and do some(Sometimes serious) damage, and that’s just not cricket. People are at shows to have fun(YES, even the ones pummeling each other in the pit) If some choose not to partake in that form of release, then let them just enjoy the band. That’s the view of this aging punk/headbanger/pit-junkie anyways…


@Bob_Bitchen I am sooooooooo jealous!! I bet that was an amazing concert. The closest I got to seeing them was Jason Bonham’s tour with the Led Zeppelin Experience and the Imax , Celebration Day.
A concert promoter in Lincoln got my hopes up a few years back and told me Plant had just announced a reunion tour but it never happened. I would pay hundreds to see em.

Led Zeppelin Experience

Celebration Day


Yeah I was told it was the craziest show. The moshing was out of control. LOL And Ive always managed to stay out of the walls of death. The last I’ve seen has been 6 yrs ago with this band. :crazy_face:




The 80’s :sunglasses:



One of my favorite albums from the 80’s. First time I heard it I thought they were just Led Zeppelin wannabe’s. Then I actually listened to the music. It’s quite good.



Sweet Dream-Jethro Tull - YouTube


Dereck Truck Band - I’ll find my way.wmv - YouTube