What Can I Make/Wasted a TON of Money Pls Help <3

Hello my fellow vapists, I won’t get too in-depth with my first failure at order; I went from thinking recipes were for like specialists and stuff, to joining a forum and educating myself every day.

I got tricked into thinking it was easy after getting flavours at a shop mixed (Decadent Vapours that have like 140 flavours in their liquids lol) so my first attempt at making liquids I wasted pretty much 500ml 3mg Base along with 10 liquids that were all like medium priced. It was a heartwrenching story and complete and utter loss. I pretty much poured half or more in and when I didn’t get the taste I wanted I poured more. So at the end, I was only left with half of 2 flavours left. Which was the Ry and Tiramisu, since they were very strong. The second attempt was buying another 500ml along with a couple of DV flavours to try to salvage the old 50ml bottles of single flavours.

Anyway, I am still currently researching for some more flavours to get at the start of next month. I want to have enough in my stash to be able to make some top recipes, but I am running low and so I was thinking of making some more stuff now, but the what can I make feature isn’t the best. I want to make some simple stuff that I know will probably be good and just let it steep.

So I wanted to ask a couple of questions along with asking what some nice simple recipes would be that I could make with what I have. I would like to make like 30-50ml of whatever I am making. I currently only have a 10ml needle and plastic bottles for measuring/storage.

Question 1: How do you know you like 1 particular flavor, when you’re testing it out, when 1) it isn’t steeped yet and 2) you are mixing it with other things? I am asking because I would like to be able to order more than 10ml bottles of things, but right now I don’t want to waste money on things that don’t pan out taste wise, even if they are highly rated.

Question 2: How do you taste test your mix if you can’t really figure out what it will taste like until it has steeped?

My Stash:
I have tended to like some berry tastes at the store. I also am excited about the pineapple taste, maybe the Bavarian Cream or Strawberries. Idk. Just something that people generally like. I know these all seemed like safe good choices for my palette.

  • Probably 250ml of 3mg 30PG/70VG Decadent Vapours Nicotine Boosted Premium Base Kit or something (Which I don’t even know what means really when they say it’s premium or boosted??)
  • Boysenberry (Flavorah)
  • DX Bavarian Cream (TPA)
  • DX Peach (Juicy) (TPA)
  • Fuji Apple (FA)
  • Golden Pineapple (Cap)
  • Kiwi (FA)
  • Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA)
  • RY4 Double (TPA) (Not really that interested in this one at all, unless there is something really good I should try)
  • Strawberry (Ripe) (TPA)
  • Sweet Strawberry (Cap)
  • Sweetener (TPA) (I think it’s just a non-Sucralose sweetener because it didn’t say Sucralose anywhere)
  • Tiramisu (FA) (5ml left)
  • Vanilla Swirl (TPA)

I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE if people could suggest (not necessarily the exact flavours) what type of flavours groups I am missing in this beginner kit. Like for example; you need some nut flavours or more pastry flavours, specific fruits or candy. Idk.
Wrote the PG/VG Ratio Wrong oops.


First lets say it make me think of me when i first try diy, that being said i think now that i had no target, the first thing is to aim at something, so i decided to try to copy a juice my wife realy likes easyer said than done but im getting closer, in few word aim for something you like.
Anyway my first attemp was whitout this site, you will certainly get what you need here, your suplier decadent vapours" is selling premix nic base at a funny ratio 70/30 wont be easy to mix anyway for me it would not work i like more vg juice. Good luck in your quest! And aim for something!!!


Thanks, hope I can get some help with it, but yeah it seems DIY doesn’t work out that well the first time. I wrote the ratio for my PG/VG wrong, but it is the normal 30/70 hehe :smile:


Hello, it would help to know what tank you are using plus you preferred vaping style (mouth- to-lung or direct lung). Many juice mixes are tailored to one or the other. As far as your stash, it seems you might benefit from some vanilla bean ice cream and it seems the only two cheesecake flavored worth using are new York cheesecake by Capella and cheesecake (graham crust) by tfa.


Thank you so much, I will definitely look into those flavours.
Tank is the Kangertech 4ml Topfill mini thingy hehe :blush:
I believe I do direct lung, my friend has commented on that a couple of times, it’s that inhaling habit from smoking I guess.

I suggest you start with making small 10ml batches of single flavours to find out what you like and what you don’t like.
At the flavour list you can see the average percentage used for the flavours that you have.
Making 500ml of juice without knowing whether you like it or not is a sure recipe for disaster.
Start small and get to know your flavours and maybe some vanilla custard, it is used a lot with fruits.
Here are some simple recipes that you might enjoy;


Thank you a lot, I will look into that and yeah I just sort of thought it was a lot easier than it was, so this time around I have resisted even the urge to really play with any of flavours before I know a hell of a lot more about how I should go about it, because I really don’t want to be wasteful.

I fear that I will sound stupid, but once you’ve mixed something into a single flavour, do you then need to smoke it as a single flavour or can you mix that with other things later?

And aren’t the averages written down in the calculator for mixing them with other flavours or do they work for single flavours as well (I will look at notes obviously and start small).

Last question, do single flavours need as much steep time or can you try them out then and there?

Thank you so much for your help! :smiley:

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When I first started mixing I started with Single Flavor mixes…Tested at different %s and steep times…Read a lot of the notes on the flavors on this site and got information from the experience of others here… Experiment and test, test, and more testing…The world will turn for you…


Single flavors generally won’t need more than an hour steep time, fruits in particular. There are a few that tend to change over time but in my experience those are few. You can always add flavors to already made mixes but its a good idea to take notes on what you add and how much in case you make something fantastic!


This has not ever been my experience - I am not sure what fruits or manufacturer you are using but some fruits need at least 4 days and many more need longer. I dare anyone to enjoy vaping fuji apple after an hour.


You can always add other flavours to it later but you will have to let it steep further after that.

No, there’s the single flavour recommendation and the average mixing recommendation.

Most flavours, even fruits, need some time to blend although plenty people will have a quick taste right away to get an idea about it. You can then test it say every other day to see how it develops. When it tastes good to you it is done :grinning:
Fruits are usually quick but there are also fruits that need more time. I’m no fruit expert though. Custards, creams and tobaccos usually take a lot longer. Some only really develop after a month or two.
That sounds awful when you’re just starting out but you will have recipes steeping in your closet in no time and before you know they are steeping faster than you can vape them.





The 3 best things i did to help me in mixing was 1. Scour this site for as much info as i could. 2. Single test all my flavours. 3. buy a scale. Test my single flavours after 1 wk and then 2… you are then in the ball park of % ratios instead of blindly adding and hoping for something great to vape on.


Hopefully this is helpful, I just woke up and haven’t had my coffee yet so my brain is a little fuzzy. :wink:
A few suggestions for you:
Never dump a mix that hasn’t steeped for at least a month. Magical things happen with time, so definitely have plenty of extra bottles on hand so that you can stash some away without needing them.
Start with simple mixes. Single flavor testing is a great way to get to know your flavors, but two or three flavor mixes are good for learning how flavors work together. For instance I very much dislike fa Fuji as a single flavor, but throw some strawberry or peach with it and it shines. It’s actually one of my favorite flavors, just not by itself.
When I’m using flavors I’m not familiar with I try to stick to the recommend % in mixes and then go from there.
If you’re not getting a lot of “what can I make” recipes, try searching recipes with just one or two of the flavors you want to use. Find a simple one that looks good and sub in the flavors that you do have using the suggested average or median %s.
Don’t make huge batches until you nail down a good recipe. I like mixing 20-30ml testers because it gives me enough to test a little bit here and there and still have more that can steep longer.
A couple flavors that you don’t have that I would recommend that are easy to work with (and should be easy for you to get) are cap sugar cookie and cap vanilla custard v1. Either of those around 3-5% with a fruit or two should give you some nice starting points. I’d also get some lemon, fa lemon Sicily is very good, and can be used as a strong lemon flavor around 1-2 %, or as an additive to get your fruits to pop around .25-.5%.


I just want to note that this is an educated, knowledgeable post from someone who knows what they are talking about.

@Josephine_van_Rijn also is dropping some serious knowledge.

I would love to help but I know when to keep my vape hole shut so you don’t have to weed through the post of those that have no clue or only base knowledge.


Smart and Final one ounce soufflé cups and lids make fair test containers.
Each one is a 5ml single flavor sampler at 3% and I have 3 trays plus a few like this so far.
Short plastic straw and stir, dip and tongue test, Record notes at 7 days, 14 days and so on. Now you have an idea of the strength and fade factor of each flavor.
If you don’t take the time to sample out each flavor your just firing a shotgun in an empty sky and wondering why you didn’t hit anything.
I can pick up my Walnut (FA) and know exactly what to expect from it.
My 2 cents


I love this idea

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You are so neat Bob.


My favourites are;
INW Biscuit, use sparingly, ~1%.
CAP sugar cookie, 4-5%.
FW Cinnamon roll, up to 4 or 5%.
FW yellow cake, go low, ~2%.
FA Zeppola, bloody love this one, 4%.
CAP Ginger bread, 3%.
Some (a lot of) people like Graham cracker, you might be one of them.

FA Lemon Sicily, up to 8%.
FA Watermelon, ~2%.
Anything grape.
FA Red touch, 3%.
CAP Coconut, v.low 0.5-2%, really shines in pastry/bakery recipes, it can work in fruit if the mix is quite sharp.
TPA Tutti fruity is a nice single flavour.

There’s hundred of others that could be used instead/are just as good.

What you’re lacking:
biscuits and bakery flavours in general. Cinnamon roll, Zeppola and sugar cookie are all good and a staple in my dessert recipes.
Creams (and to a lesser extent, custards) even if you don’t like real cream they’re good for completing mixes and adding a bit of background/filling in.
I like: TPA Vanilla bean ice cream, FA Catalan cream, TPA Banana cream, and TPA Whipped cream.
For Custards I’m not the biggest fan, but here’s a few good ones:
FA Custard Pi
CAP vanilla custard v1

You seem covered on the fruits. But here’s some ideas to help you out.
Most people recommend using a 1:1 ratio of sweet strawberry to strawberry (ripe).
Fuji Apple works better as a main profile, some even say as a stand alone flavour.
I have tried so many raspberries and they all taste dodgy to me, like raspberry hand cream.


Some awesome suggestions there @Forbitten_Rose I agree with @Herka_Derka as far as the Cheesecake base, Cause you got Kiwi, Fuji Apple and Pineapple, and some good strawberry concentrates, so if you grab some Cap New York Cheesecake and TPA/TFA graham cracker Clear your well on your way to some really good Cheesecake recipes which are absolutely delicious, check out this one by Wayne from DIYORDIE to give you some basis to work from, and you can always swap out the fruit or make Apple & Strawberry, strawberry and Kiwi, Pineapple and Kiwi you get the idea, all the best :grinning: