What is wrong with the recipe amounts?

Ok so when doing a mix up with any of the multiple recipes and you go to adapt it for bottle size nicotine strength etc why is it that when I chose 100ml bottle non of the liquids fit into a 100ml bottle but do in a 30 ml bottle when adjust for a 30 ml bottle. I am using 100ml bottles but I can’t fit all the liquid in. Could someone explain why this happens please as it is very frustrating.

This problem is discussed a little in this topic.

Don’t suppose you bought your 100ml bottles from iBottles?

They had a batch on sale not long ago that weren’t really capable of holding 100ml. After some complaints they changed the description on their website so that they’re now called 90ml bottles.

The simplest solution for you might be to change the recipe amounts from 100ml to 90ml…

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Yup. Check your bottle. Is it really 100ml. Same with the 30ml bottle.

Fill your bottle with water, put a zeroed out beaker (container) on a scale, pour out the water and see if it weighs 100g.

Always check your bottles i learned this when i first started diy , i bought some cobalt blue bottles from lb 15ml 30ml and 60ml and quickly found out none of the bottles were true , the only thing to do is make 5ml less and you should always be fine plus you have some room in your bottles to shake while steeping

Are you mixing by weight or by measured volume?

I am measuring by volume, the 30ml bottles are fine its just the 100ml bottles