What the recipe u used was so close to cigar?

Please share with me & us the closest recipe for cigar


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@Walaa_Ahmed I don’t vape any cigar flavored juice, but welcome to the forum. Others with more experience may have suggestions. As a former smoker of both cigarettes and cigars, I remember cigars having a variety of flavors of which some I enjoyed and some weren’t my cup of tea. I’ll bet that is true for cigar flavored juice.


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Could fool around with:
#6C TFA Black Honey Tobacco */ –----- Ready 50ml. (2ea.)

TFA Black Honey Tobacco 8%
TFA Coconut 0.5%
TFA Brown Sugar 0.5%
TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 0.5%
CA Lemon Lime 0.5%
RTS Tobacco Absolute 0.5%

0 mg 30/70 Rating: 7.5#6B BRAW (W/O MTS) Rating: Good. USE BRAW AS #6B.
#6C/0 mg M.VG Rating:7.9 w/ new wick. 2Nd mix.
TFA black honey need to give it at least 5 weeks to steep.
From: Check cookies --uses dark tobacco flavor ugh.
1% Irish cream will sweeten up a tobacco.


May I suggest checking out some of the flavor lines known for their tobacco flavors. Idk where you are but Inawera, Hangsen, FA, SC, Flavorah are some of them. BCF (Bull City Flavors) has recipes like the Creamy Cuban for instance. When you buy the recipe flavors they discount the price for you. Here’s a link to the flavor page for Havana Dry (SC) with some recipes. You might have to click on recipe button if it’s not already open.


I forgot…this is an excellent flavor you might want to try.