What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?

Old thread is gettin a little long in the tooth. Let’s start fresh!

I’m testing some stuff I mixed about a month ago.

@vonTrueso’s Glory Pie

@daath’s Irish Cream from Scratch

Both pretty great recipes! I think my pie crust may have lost some of its potency. Been awhile since I used it, but I’m not getting much crust on the glory pie. I coulda sworn I remember it being pretty strong stuff and definitely tasting like pie crust. Next go round I’ll try NicVape’s I think. The irish cream is awesome, but I think when I make it again I’ll lower the dark bean or replace it with Tiramisu. Either it’s gotten stronger from when I first mixed it or I’m just able to taste more than I did, cuz it’s potent and coming out in a big way. LoL


Looking at mixing up the following here in a few minutes… ones in red mean I’m missing an ingredient (the missing ingredient will be here tomorrow but I’ll mix these up without the one missing item and add it tomorrow afternoon).


Oooh - added that Strawberries and Italian Cream to my next mix list. And I haven’t mixed Berry Creamy for a while either…this is why I love this thread!


Been awhile for me to mix that Berry Creamy also, currently had it listed as 4/5 stars… my current notes are/were:

Using the Griffin mini duel coil 0.25 ohm at 20.5 watts just under a 3 week steep, all flavors seems to meld nicely together. I had thought the use of basically 4 different creams (6.5% of the flavor) would mute the final product but it doesn’t. The Forest Mix (FA) has more of a dark flavor instead of a “light…bright” fruit, I look at it as something in a deep baked cobbler feel, not a bright fruit cocktail. Very nice vape, thanks for the recipe
Switched the vbic from TPA to FW and dropped VBIC percent .5 (from 3 to 2.5)


I haven’t tried this one yet, it will be a new mix for me.

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Been trying out 2 new mixes this weekend and taking notes, lots of them, to help me get the mixes to the next stage.
1 of them looks promising, it involves FA Juicy Strawberry and Inawera cactus as the lead notes. The other involves grapes. The hard part is finding the fruit that fits?
For example the strawberry was originally CAP sweet Strawberry and through the space of roughly 7 months this has changed 4 times before finally settling on my new love, the FA JS.
Now it’s about the % balance and whether another flavour note starts to come into play?
Right now I am almost happy and 3 good friends are impressed with it so hopefully the recipe will be posted on here, just not yet! LOL


And it looks like…?

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I’ve taken a couple shots at this mix, hopefully this will be the one.

Push Ups

Ingredient %
Cream Whipped (FA) 0.50
Orange (MF) 0.05
Orange Cream (TPA) 2.00
Sweet Cream (FW) 1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 4.00

Flavor total: 7.55%

Remember to rate it at e-liquid-recipes.com!

Only 2 weeks steep i hope it will be beter, but still im stock on it!


My wife’s sick of testing, and told me, if I didn’t move on, she’d divorce me LOL. Pretty darned good, only took 85 tries. Small differences between the two, but are quite different.


Well done mate for sticking at it for so long - i do have a little questions for you did you select the dx and v2 in these two for taste or lack of daap?


@woftam Hehe, I ran out of my regulars during the mixing phase. Even after I got my stock levels back up, the DX Caramel and v2 GC didn’t seem to impact either when comparing to the v1’s. I think I didn’t want to tempt fate after I actually had two working models. Even small changes were really pushing or pulling the profile away from what I wanted, so I decided to leave it as is. I was actually surprised how easily the profile shifted by making even small changes, or adding tried and true flavors/enhancers. I just got to the point where every time I added something, it made it worse, and I pulled the plug hehe.


Appreciate all the detailed work and noted corroboration from ELR peeps. Thinking about mixing this (Classic) immediately


Mango Weiss Bar (A delicious Mango/Cream Ice block in Oz)
Orange Dream bar 3% (FW)
Mango 1.5% (Cap)
Bavarian Cream 7% (TPA)
Sweetner 1%
70/30 vg/pg

Been steeping for a week and is mighty fine :slight_smile:


Love me a Mango Weis bar - i have had one steeping since October (just been lazy to get back to it)

Mango Weis Bar

Ingredient %
Golden Eye (Nicotine River) 1.50
Sweet Coconut (Flavorah) 1.00
Sweet Cream (TPA) 2.00
Sweet Mango (CAP) 1.00
Vanilla Ice Cream (LB) 2.00
WS-23 30% 0.15

Flavor total: 7.65%


Nice…I like the look of the coconut in there. How does it go?


Ya good it thickens up the cream and icecream and it gives the same sort of taste as the white ice cream strip on the side it is not upfront just a slight back note same as what i get from the bar.


Oh this one is all me for sure, ty I will give it a go too !

Btw Pro you can’t click that, must be private

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Yum. Gunna mix up a batch tomorrow with :coconut:


Just if you are going to mix my one be aware that the creams need a little more work to be closer to the weis bar - it is a wip