What Ya Vaping/Mixing Today (Part II)?

Was unaware of said flavor must have missed it. Been enjoying caps version as an additive lately around 0.75% will have to pick the RF Version up as well…


This is what I’m mixing at the moment, another strawberry. I don’t vape much but, maybe a bit of banana. :rofl:


This is one of my fave RF SC ‘cream’ variants.


As I’m scrolling down and quick reading, the words “ass Berry+” just jump out at me lol


The original Sweet Ass Berry I’ve been through about 40mls in the last 2 days. :grin: It won’t get to steep!

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I have been vaping a variant on a recipe for about 3 years now always coming back to it. This is what this has come to. The smell on this too is addictive.



In my search of perfect Mango vape I mixed this one:

And now i’m totally hooked

Next variation of it will be this one:


Inawera is from Poland, so this is Polish custard lol
Had an idea pop in my head last night right before bed, came up with this and about to mix it up today


How does the BL French Toast compare to the regular rfsc French Toast as far as strength goes? This looks pretty good and simple but I’d need to make that one sub.


I couldn’t tell you, I don’t own the regular French toast. From what I remember people saying in the massive rf sc thread, the strength is the same but the taste is slightly different, it should be a 1:1 swap. Full disclosure, I mixed this up for the first time today but it smells very promising, and the rf French toast is so good on its own it can’t be a bad mix lol. I’ll vape it the first time later tonight or tomorrow morning and I’ll give you another update:)


That SFT looks good, going to adapt it to an all RF SC recipe. I don’t have creme brulee from RF yet so I will sub in some souffle or meringue for now and use the v1 or v2 version of French Toast. Thanks for posting it.


@Ths1MxrChk Being a FT fiend I can answer that. Strength wise, the BL might be a hair lighter than the regular. I can’t help but remember when Walt finally got my BL shipped, after I smelled the very first sniff of it, the HUGE difference was an immediate buttery-ness that the BL had, that was not in the original version. Bread and egg that I felt were somewhat missing from the original were indeed present in the BL. You’ve got me wanting to mix a little up now, AND, mix up some of that @Fishaddict420’s Stuffed as well !!!


Thanks for digging that up!! @Fozzy71 I used the inw creme brûlée because of the heavy egg note it has, along with the nice burnt sugar note. Would love to know how an all rf adaptation works out!


I still haven’t tasted it but I’m starting to think I might need to replace the ice cream with a cheesecake or cream cheese icing…most of the stuffed French toast I’ve ever eaten has had cream cheese in it…


Trying to make something close to a cherry lemonade mix.

Utilizing Flavorah’s lemonade as the main carrier, with cherry crush Flavor West as the main cherry. The blueberry (FW) is in there at a low 1% to help the cherries middle body (at least to my palette). Grape Soda (FW) to somewhat close the gap between the cherries and the lemonade, while the candy roll (FLV) is used as a sweet/tart enhancer. The marshmallow to fluff it up and meld the edges some.

The cherries are not as up front as I would like, but the overall profile is enjoyable. (Based off a quick snv)
Might be better to combine cherry crush and inw’s cherries here, and possibly drop lemonade down to 2-2.5. The candy roll is probably too low to be very noticable as well, but heck, one of them “there ya go” moments.

Cherry Lemonade : http://e-liquid-recipes.com/recipe/2707668/Cherry%20Lemonade

1.00% Blueberry (FW)
0.20% Candy Roll (Flavorah)
2.80% Cherry Crush (FW)
1.00% Cherry Extract (TPA)
1.70% Grape Soda (FW)
3.00% Lemonade (Flavorah)
1.20% Marshmallow (TPA)

Flavor total: 10.9%
Remember to rate it at: http://tjek.nu/r/pE3k


If you’re going to get this one…I have both sc&vg and much prefer the VG version. It’s great in a mix at ~2%. No need to go high due to the VG. I didn’t mess around too extensively with the SC, but in the same ballpark of %, it didn’t give as much texture and Custardy effect as the VG. I use the NorthWest version from ECX.


Decided to crack the bottle on this little steeper, and WOW, what a delicious French Toast it is !!!


Been doing some sft and Grape Soda (FW) really puzzled me, in a good way. Since we dont have anything close to grape soda where I live this flavor hit a new spot.

While playing around with it, I tried to make a 1-2-3, but failed. :expressionless:

This is the result, and it turned out pretty good, while grapey and fizzy, it leaves a decent creamed berry mouthfeel.

Grape Soda (FW) 3%
Blueberry (FW) 2%
Bilberry (FA) 1%
Cream (FLV) 0.5%
Candy Roll (FLV) 0.3%

Turned into something interesting… :rofl:


I have no doubt!
But I have to ask… Where on earth did you find the Ina waffle?? As I understand it, that was discontinued like two years ago.


I’m thinking I want to try FLV Sugar Orchid in a Grape recipe, I don’t know why but that’s the first flavor pair I thought of after tasting it. Making a few different ones today, just test private mixes, but using TPA Cannabis Type and it’s actually not half bad. On its own or together with EuroFlavor Amsterdam it tastes quite nice. Sort of a citrus twang to it, and lacks the crazy pine flavor that TPA MJ has.