White chocolate base vta/white chocolate vt the same?

I am entering in the concentrates I ordered this Friday and am confused at the naming…Bull City calls this one White Chocolate VT. I see that and White Chocolate Base VTA…are they one in the same?


no experience with either but yes it seems to be Brand Abbreviation List (in progress)


Yes they are the same flavors just labeled different. (VTA) white chocolate base would be correct, since that’s the name the manufacturer sells it under.

VTA) love is the 2nd white chocolate that bull city now carries, but that one would be labeled as such.

Another one if you ever order it is, (VTA) rhubarb compote, which bcf labels as just (VTA) rhubarb. But again identical flavor.

I don’t know if we ever just call it vape train (vt) as others do, or stick with the full vape train Australia (vta) tag. I mean it’s their name right lol