Whoops! Should I keep these? (FW) Flavors

I must have been in a hurry. Bought these from @ecigexpress thinking they were Northwest Flavors. Flavor West - Northwest Flavors… Easy enough to mistake, I guess! Totally my fault. Obviously :wink:

Anyway, these are PG-based, and I wouldn’t normally buy them, but if one of these is some crazy-awesome flavor, I might make an exception.

Natural Raspberry (FW)
Gingerbread (FW)
Pomegranate (FW)
Mango (FW)

I’m not PG sensitive, so if one is really worth keeping, please do tell! I might pay them forward, otherwise.



FW 's bakeries in general are very popular, so my best bet gingerbread might be too.

However, fw is known for their sugar in most every concentrate, hence some of us including me, don’t think it’s safe to vape, these do also kill your coils with a blink of an eye lol. You will have to make that decision for yourself, as well as deciding if you want to rewick every 4 hrs (looking at you yellow cake)

About the other flavors listed, I don’t know, their fruits for me personally are nothing to rave about.

Most of them need also a high percentage before you even taste them, and then some of them fade very quickly too (kiwi, regular raspberry etc)

I’d say test them see if you like them. If you look at the flavor list, it should even show the warnings, if one of these contains the regular fructose/sugar of some kind etc.


Thanks! Looks like Pom fw is the only one on the dirty list. I’ll give the Gingerbread a try!


That was my first thought!

Nobody has your taste buds but you my man! :wink:


Sugars on this flavors

  1. NR 1-10%
  2. G No
  3. P 10-20%
  4. M No

Totally agreed, was hoping the masses would chime in with a resounding “Mango is the Best Flavor, Ever!!” Then I would try it. If I’m going to give them away, I’d rather the seals be intact. I guess that doesn’t really matter.

These were half off of the sale price, so no real loss. Prolly fiddy cent each.

@Laberythm thanks for the fix-up on the sugars. I was scanning for Natural Raspberry, not Raspberry Natural. Totslly missed that one!


Maybe its half a Mango then and half :hamburger: