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Win ThunderHead Creations Tauren RTA,experience the Honeycomb airflow system-11/24


3 Yes) Cool


4 from Ukraine


5 I know))


7 https://www.3avape.com/arctic-dolphin-anita-100w-squonk-tc-mod.html


6 Yes, I like it!


7 https://www.3avape.com/cov-tempest-230w-tc-box-mod.html


8 https://www.3avape.com/thunderhead-creations-tauren-honeycomb-rta.html


8 https://www.3avape.com/hotcig-rsq-80w-ns-squonk-kit.html


Wonder about this clearance item:



looks well enuff for lil 22 at that price, hurry man, only 2 left :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I wonder if that ring around posts comes off? could be reason so cheap? Pita to build w/ it on?
edit: might as well enter myself in this now i guess


Flat broke till payday :frowning: It always works out like this HAHA
I think the Tauren RTA has a much more advanced deck and airflow, so I’d really like to get ahold of one of them. Also having a Recurve I think building on Tauren would be pretty similar. So it would be a great 1st dual coil RTA for me to try. I’m not sure if I could handle the large vapor production, but I’d like to try :smile:
Good luck


I have heard of THC and in fact have my eye on the tube and squonker mechs but sadly dont own any myself. This rta looks very nice in its airflow design and usual characteristics i prefer in one. I am from the U.S. but enjoy checking out flash sales from yourself and other overseas sites. I like standing coupon codes available to us at ELR but flash sales are exctiing, not so much when secretely there are only a couple available at that price (clickbait). I know u have a nice price on https://www.3avape.com/dejavu-djv-mech-mod.html so that would save Santa some cash.



No, I do not own any #ThunderheadCreations products.



I think it has potential!



Don’t know… won’t know until I try it!


1.Do you know #ThunderheadCreations?
Yes, mainly from the Tauren lineup


2.Do you have any vape device from #ThunderheadCreations?
I have a Tauren RDA


3.How do you think about this tauren rta?Do you like this Honeycomb airflow design?
Looks great, honeycomb airflow makes it smooth!


Do you like this Honeycomb airflow design?

I really like the airflow and deck design of this RTA. It would fit in perfect with my collection.


4.Which country are you from?