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Win ThunderHead Creations Tauren RTA,experience the Honeycomb airflow system-11/24


@SessionDrummer @delltrapp @Freddie3 @anon44944642 @SmilingOgre @Plunderdrum @Sprkslfly @TorturedZen @Chrispdx @Fishaddict420

  1. Do you know #ThunderheadCreations?
    Never heard of it.

  1. Do you have any vape device from #ThunderheadCreations?



3.How do you think about this tauren rta?

Looks just like any other rta, released by more popular brands.

Do you like this Honeycomb airflow design?

Ye I like honeycomb if done right.


4… Which country are you from?



5.Do you know 3Avape is running flash sales for 11.11 and thanksgiving?

Is there a time you don’t run flash sales?


6.Do you like any kind of flash sales like this to share special days? or you would prefer coupon code?

Coupon codes


7.What devices you want to prepare for your Christmas? Pick it up from 3avape.com and comment with the link here.
Need another one of these https://www.3avape.com/lost-vape-paranormal-dna-250c-box-mod-gun-metal-frame.html


8.Will you share this $0 sales news with your friends?

Outside of the forums? Not likely.

  1. Never heard of it

  1. Never have


3.I have to try it first

  1. It’s good if done right

  1. Yes. It’s on the forum

  1. Coupon code

  1. I’m from indonesia

  1. https://www.3avape.com/lost-vape-paranormal-dna-250c-box-mod-gun-metal-frame.html


Post 1

No. But I do now


Post 2

No but I would love that RTA if given a chance


Post 3

It looks like an elite RTA beast