Wonder Flavors Single Flavor Tests by SessionDrummer Part III -- Mixing Now!

I dislike using cactus all together. I don’t shy away from mixing others recipes that use it, but would not use it in one of mine…I’m wondering if that’s the juiciness I’m getting but not getting a cactus note. Interesting. This one goes really well with peach (sweet type) SSA, or peach (raw) VSO. I did the beta test of this one and I rated it high then as well. :slight_smile: I love hearing your thoughts on these!


Bloody hell yes! Not even gonna mess around with a small bottle. When i was a lil fella me and my Gpaw would drive down to the candy factory on Saturday mornings and buy freshly made orange slices and circus peanuts, then go home and watching AWA and some of the smaller southern rasslin organizations with Gmaw. I cant eat them anymore so next best thing is to vape them.


Thank you @Lynda_Marie. I actually read yours (and other) reviews before posting mine, because I was almost shocked as to what I was getting.

Go BIG or go home @Ken_O_Where.

The only caveat with my review of the “gummy” flavors, is, or was, my personal stance ON the gummy-ness.

Dammit, now I want some circus peanuts.


Pecan Pie (SC )(WF) 3.5% (9-21-23) – Having tested the WF Pecan, this one was very similar to it, but tempered by a sweetened, almost thick, pie filling like main note. I didn’t get much butter from this one, and that was great, as it was NOT a Butter Pecan flavor. The crust was much lighter in the mix, and would need some boosting to make this a full on “pie”. The Pecan notes were actually very good, accurate, and had just enough earthy tones to keep it realistic. Throughout the 3 testers, this one proved to be really centered around the deliciously sticky rich filling of the pie, WITH Pecans mixed in. The stand along Pecan was earthier, but with this one, it was much lower to the “filling”. At 3.5% it was very good, convincing, and almost thick, and with no off-notes. About my only nit-pick would be the very light (if at all) crust, but that could easily be fixed. This one tastes improved from the Alpha tests somehow, and was just a great Pecan Pie Filling. All it needed was some crust. Pushing this one up higher to 9.0/10.


Persimmon (SC) (WF) 3.5% (9-22-23) – I have never eaten a Persimmon, so (as always), had to research it a bit to give you a more comparative review. From what I found, this one appears to be spot on. This one presented as an ALMOST Apricot, tempered in Honey. Now it wasn’t EXACTLY like an Apricot, but it was damned close to a lighter version of one. The Honey part, just seemed a bit MORE accurate, as I couldn’t think of a closer comparison. If any of you have indeed tried honey flavors in the past, and have blown up, hehe, fear not, there’s none of that here. It was very natural tasting, AND, with no off-notes or florals.

It was just almost strong enough at 3.5%, but felt like it could use a SMIGE more, but only a smidge. This is/was a fairly unique flavor, and I could see a LOT of uses for this, in a lot of mixes. There was just a hint of tart in the beginning, but the honey-like elements smoothly rolled from the middle to the finish. I can’t think of any of my flavors that are exactly like this, and I have a LOT of flavors, so you may want to pick this one up and experiment with it. Very tasty, and will rate this “Honey Apricot”-ish flavor very high @ a 9.5/10.


I got the strangest vegetal taste from this. Tomato to be exact. I just went back to my notes, and yep, it said, cantaloupe, honey, and tomato in the background. Not gross, but different. I never put my notes out anywhere. I didn’t want to deter anyone. If might have been the acidity? :woman_shrugging:


I LOVE it @Lynda_Marie. I’ll RE-assess, but I don’t think I got any matos in there, but I will re-check. Thank you.


I’m sure I’m the only one who got that. :joy: I was embarrassed to post my review on ELR. Must be something in the compound that I’m sensitive to.


Not at all, those are the reviews you HAVE to share. Everyone tastes differently, that’s what keeps this INTERESTING !!!


Powdered Donut (SC) (WF) 3.5% (9-26-23) – I spent some extra time with this one, to better try and figure it out before posting this. I have had very few good donuts, and a lot of terrible donuts. This one, thankfully was one of the good ones. It does seem however, that many people have different takes on what a “donut” should or does taste like. For my American friends, this wass NOT a Krispy Kreme donut, but actually more like the small Hostess powdered donuts. The donut body was more of the slightly denser yellow cake-ish type, than the lighter deep fried type. The powered sugar aspect(s) kind of came and went, and didn’t always present for me consistently, so I would call that a lighter note. The cakey bakery note(s) were convincingly done, and although I didn’t get any spice or cinnamon, there was ALMOST (but not quite) an undertone of it. At 3.5% it was very full, and I didn’t feel the need to increase it. Sweetness was about mid-level, and good for this type of flavor. There were some “fried” notes going on, but they weren’t intrusive, or “greasy”, but still there. I didn’t get any off-notes, BUT, I did get somewhat of an almost “powdered milk” undertone that actually seemed to work with the overall profile, so I didn’t mark down for that. All in, a pretty impressive lightly fried donut, that was centered around a denser yellow cake interior with very light powdered sugar notes. It felt very good at a 9.3/10.


Exactly…Ive heard other say it was heavy Powder Sugar. I ddint think so . Great Base add a bit of OOO PS or even Meringie (old school) and the Powdered Sugar is almost ready to dunk lol


Hehe, Ready to Dunk is right @fidalgo_vapes.


I’m liking the sound of this WF Powdered Donut. It sounds like VT Cinnamon Donut just without the light cinnamon sugar. Possible sub since VT CD is getting hard to find?


I didn’t get heavy PS either. It was there, but I got more bakery than ps. Pretty good flavor. I need to play around with it more.


Sounds like it @McDuckie. I don’t think I ever tested VTA’s CD, but sounds like it would work.

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Pudding (Milk Chocolate) (SC) (WF) 3.5% (9-29-23) – I remembered my reaction to this one during the Alpha tests, and guess what, they IMPROVED it. NOW (unlike before), I was getting ONE clear profile, and that profile was Jello Chocolate Pudding !!! It’s NOT that it exuded raw pudding, BUT, it was unmistakenly, exactly that. The chocolate profile wasn’t exactly what I would call a Milk Chocolate, but it wasn’t a light or dark, so maybe that was more implied than not. Sweetness was actually below mid-level, which was surprising, but it actually didn’t feel like it needed any more. No off-notes, and it was just a smidge below where I would have liked it to be at 3.5%. No rubber bands, or band aids, so the chocolate notes were very well done.

It was simply put, about as close to a Jello Choco Pudding. It was almost as if it tasted like a mix of both the dry (in the box) pudding mix, AND, one that had been mixed/heated with milk (finished), and I would put it at a ratio of 25% dry, 75% finished if that makes sense. Smelling it, the chocolate had this delicious darker coffee undertone, and testing it, it was still there, just somewhat lower in the undertones. If you want a chocolate pudding, that tastes just about as close as I have ever tasted, then you WILL love this one. I suffered (LOL) through 3 testers trying to find faults with this one, and I came up short. I even compared my Alpha notes, which did not seem to apply to this, the finished version. All in, it was just below perfect to my tastes, and it felt solid at 9.9/10.