Working out mixes

New to the E-Juice creating scene, Just wondering if anyone has tips on making blends, how do people know what % to use for certain flavours. Like I have been told 7% is too much for cotton candy etc.

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I think you will find this category a good place to start:


I seen your recipe on my SnV thread and truthfully what works for you right now as your beginning is all that matters. Yes you’ll start to want to tailor them and get them the best you can. But if I may I shared the same issue as you as well as many others I too used cotton candy once at 15% in a mix w/ Bilberry FA at 1% and while today I’d be gagging my butt off back then it was sublime and I loved every minute of that juice. Our taste buds change and repair over time and when they are in better shape you certainly taste things much better. If your coming off stinkies you just may need the added % and sweetener. We throw around advice as it’s yesterdays news try not to take offense to it.

Learning your flavors is the biggest things you can do for yourself. Go to ELR click the user tab under the flavor list search for lemon sicily FA ( Just an example) once your there over to the left of the screen look at the suggested ratio there’s a median usage most ppl stick w/ it but there’s the average ratio too.

this is what ELR says : Average mixing quantity: 2.2% (Median: 1.8%)

Learn these ratios for each flavor / vendor what the % is for Lemon Sicily FA isn’t the same for Cap’s
As your building your recipe load it into ELR save it then click on the flavors of the recipe it will lead back to it’s flavor page where the suggested ratios are. If you want to help yourself even further click add to stash the green button at the top left of the screen then once you’ve tried the flavor you can add a note that a way when you come back to that flavor over time you’ll know you really liked it at 3% and you enjoyed it mixed w/ orange just an example.

The biggest things is that you enjoy your mixes. Try to add them to your stash choose the flavor w/ the highest amount of number when your adding you’ll see there is a lot of duplicates we’re trying hard too keep the database of them so it’s urged that you use the search bar and choose the (ex. ) Pear FA w/ 11,000 instead of the FA Pear w/ 900 ppl who added. Hope this isn’t overly confusing but you’ll see what I mean if you choose to add your flavors to your stash.

Today marks 3 years smoke free for me super happy !


Congratulations on your anniversary! :balloon:


Thank you it’s quite an accomplishment ! I’m not saying I never had a craving but at least I never gave into the craving Vapingstrong !!!


Congratulations, great job!


Congratulations and thank you for taking the time to write such an in-depth reply :slight_smile:

It’s definitely helped and now researching the flavours and getting to grips with it all.

Would people say mix and matching brands of concentrates are the way to go than sticking to one particular brand. Or in the world of mixing is that what mixing is all about going by preference.

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I feel it is up to you but imho mixing vendors is the way to go it doesn’t limit your abilities choices are infinite and thank you and thanks to everyone for the congrats !

Many ppl start out w/ only TFA/ TPA ( same company ) and branch out further ultimately landing on their favorites and over time you’ll weed out what you don’t like. Here’s a list of really great flavors by vendors to help keep you in the waht’s good and what’s not.

@OhmBoyVapes check this out

Recommended Flavors and Research List

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This is always a good read :