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Wotofo Serpent Elevate RTA review by Mjag


I like the vape better from the Elevate than the intake but dislike the media blast finish. It vapes very well, bit airier than the intake but not by much. Once you nail the wick it’s gold. 3-3.5mm coil suited me the best. Personally I prefer the qp Juggerknot mini better than either of the above. Just got in the clone from ft, I’ll let you know if it’s as good as the authentic in a week.


Wide open the Kylin Mini is more airy, depending on the build the Elevate is only slightly airier than the Intake. I do have a 3.5mm coil in the Elevate compared to the 3mm in the Intake so that helps to reduce the airflow a little with the Elevate.

Sorry to hear about your Intake, I still have 2 with one in use at the moment so will keep that press fit deck in mind and not use it on my expensive mods.

I have never had leaking problems with my Zesthia and I think Vaporrange.com still has them for like $15 shipped.

I do wonder if my Elevate may had had some pre production problems as I received a sample for review. I have never had a tank that was so finicky with wicking so it might have just been my sample. I did read a few reviews as well after and some other reviewers had the same problem but not all, some also received the bubble glass versions, mine was the plastic bubble.

This is the first time I touched the Elevate since my review…guess you could say I wasn’t a fan…lol


https://www.vaporrange.com/asMODus-Zesthia-RTA-p/asmodus-zesthia-rta.htm :wink:


Still need to get me one of those but I am trying to cut back a little to enjoy what I already have…enabler :crazy_face:

Also heard good things about the Gear RTA that @delltrapp mentioned, just gonna wait until it is in the bargain bin section and pick one up.


Sweet thank you for the info and link, and thanks letitia.

I’ll order the elevate first and see next week about the zesthia. Was afraid that I would have to use my rda’s all week, even tho they are great, I hate having to squonk or drip at work! Also I’m not a rda person :frowning:

Again thank you, guys :hugs:


I’ve run across the term ‘damming’ a few times in this thread. In my near 5 years of vaping I have never heard of this. What is this wicking witchery you speak of?


Never had a Griffin RTA with that stupid wick ring?

Instead of stuffing the wick down into the coils you lay the wick over top of the wick ports and just lightly tuck the middle or edges of the wick. Dam it…dammit…dam, dam dam, damn? Worked well with the Griffins, OBS Engine and Crius.


It is when you finished wicking and you say DAMNIT, why wont it wick…lol.

Damming is when the wicks just damn up the wicking slots and does not go down further than that. Just barely enough to damn up the juice, makes it faster to wick.

Edit: damming didn’t work with the Elevate tank though, had to extend the wicks down a little further if not then got a spitty mouthful of juice, was like drinking instead of vaping


Dammit, you’re gonna make me fight with the missus… :grin:


I dont really trust most youtube reviewer either, but I do trust some of them, like daniel (DJLsb), Vaping Bogan and our own @Dan_the_Man and they gave this RTA high praise. Well, more pros than cons, at least.


I do trust our own reviewers even if they are on YouTube :wink:

I really appreciated your input and still have it on my list whenever they drop in price, however I’m afraid it’s too airy and too small for me. But if I find it at a decent sale I will give it a try, promised :slight_smile:


I have a gear rta on the way will report if it ever turns up.


Nice review bro. I have been wanting this one but after this review, I doubt I will spend the money. Then I found it for 20 bones and thought why not do a review myself? We’ll see. Not sure if you want me posting sales on your thread so I will leave it in the deals section.

Of course, I can’t find it now…


Thanx …both of you. I’ve been doing this all along, but never knew there was a name for it until now. I gotta get out more!


Posting sales on my threads are more than welcome, anything to help the community to save a buck :+1:

Thanks bro


Yes please let us know how the juggerknot clone compares to the original.
it’s been 7 days now and my patience is growing thin…
JK of course


Will be a while, haven’t built it yet. Have to thin the daily herd first.


Thank you for the link, but there’s only one option of shipping from them to my country, and it’s $40 :open_mouth:
I’ll keep an eye for it locally though. There used to be some shops that sells this RTA… maybe try my luck in the used options.