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Xtar Over 4 Slim review by Mjag....The fastest charger ever?


Even with the temp sensors charging at 4 amps will reduce the charge cycles. By how much I am not really sure so I only use it when I need to, if not then I charge at .50 amp for longevity.


@mjag sounds like a question for the Mooch !! :slight_smile:


I read a post on that by mooch about a year or so ago. At that time he was a little vague on the subject, said it would reduce cycles but to varying degrees. Might have to look it up and see if he has expanded on the issue.


His latest video covers fast chargers

not quite as fast as the xtar


That is awesome, thanks brother!

I have watched it but will watch it again, maybe a few times. I wish it was more specific in regards to possible percentages of decrease of life, if 10 to 20% I could live with that, still a boat load of charge cycles. I checked out Mooches list as well https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/attachments/807b061c-d301-4db0-8871-b5a78277bf74-jpeg.713547/ and it looks like Sony, Samsung and LG fast charging rates are listed at 4amp, 6 amp for the Sony VTC5A.

Luckily I have a bunch of 18650 so those get charged sloooooow. Not the case with these new 2X700 batts though and the 4000 mah ones take a long time at 0.5 amps.

As Mooch says heat is the enemy so I am glad the O4S includes the temp sensors, well they have to for safety reasons but they do reduce the charge rate if the battery gets too hot.

I really wish Mooch would run some tests on the O4S in regards to battery life. I am guessing that would take a long time though of charging and discharging, long term study.


There are so many variables at play, not just how hard you charge them but also how hard you discharge them, temperatures they run at (charging and discharging), the initial quality of your battery (vapers only get 2nd or 3rd rate batteries and there are inconsistencies in between), if you discharge them completely or partly, etc …
The only way to really tell for your situation is if you run 2 identical setups with batteries from the same batch next to each other and only change the charging amps.

For me 1A charging is fast charging lol. Most of my batteries charge at 500mA, never in a hurry.


+1 @woftam


Great points.


All great points, if I ever get more free time I may try that but as of know free time is just a dream. Thanks for adding to the discussion.


Recently there was a malfunction in my charger.
One of the green LEDs stopped shining.
Fortunately, this could be eliminated by soldering the SMD LED.
Now everything is all right.


Glad to see you got the LED back, aside from that how do you like it?


I’m an engineer, and I’m used to the fact that devices sometimes need repair.
The charger is very convenient. Good ergonomic, smooth battery springs.
It would be desirable, that by default the charge current was not 4A, but 1A


Maybe that was in the review but I missed it. That would be a deal breaker for me…
I still have a couple 10A batteries, they wouldn’t like a 4A charge at all.


@Suomynona, the order of use is as follows:
When the power of the charger is turned on, a charging current of 4 A is set as default (empty slots)
Next, I can change the value of the charge current in 4A – 2A – 1A
After that I install the batteries in the charger.
After the battery is removed from the charger, the charge current returns to 4A


It does measure the batteries internal resistance then picks the proper charge rate. It lowered by itself to 2.1A with some of my older button top provari batteries.


that’s good to know :+1:


Today I bought four pieces of Sony VTC6 and started to charge them.
All batterys are new and 100% original.
Two of them I put in Golisi S2 and two in the XTAR Over 4 Slim
The charge current in all slots I set equal 1A
In the first moment Golisi shows 3.51V and 30% and 31% of charge. It’s normal, OK
But XTAR shows 3.51V and 13% of charge in the first slot and 11% of charge in other slot.
Then charging continued in the usual way, and the difference between Golisi and XTAR in the displayed charge level gradually decreased.
The charge time in the XTAR was 2 hours 15 minutes. In Golisi 2 hours 30 minutes.

There is an obvious problem in the XTAR in the determination of the charge level.
And I can not trust him to automatically set the charging current. So I set the charge current manually.