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Congratulations to the winner! You win a Yocan Flick! :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your participation,please keep an eye on Yocan,we’ll have more giveaways in the future. :slight_smile:


4 things to consider before buying a vaporizer
Smoking is bad for health,so more and more people trend to use vaporizers.A vaporizer is also a good choice as a gift for families and friends.
If you’re thinking of buying a vaporizer, there are four important points to consider.

1. What material are you going to use

Do you want to use flowers/dry herb, e-juice, or concentrates/wax ? Some vaporizers can use with both dry herb and concentrate,such as Yocan Explore. Some vaporizers can use with both concentrate and e-juice,such as Yocan Hive/Hive 2.0/Flick. Some vaporzers can use with only concentrate/wax,such as Yocan Evolve/Yocan Magneto/Yocan Evolve Plus XL and so on.So you should consider the material you want to use before you buy a vaporzer.

2. Portability and Convenience

If you want to take your vaporizer all the time,then a portable vaporizer could be your best choice. What’s more,a portable vaporizer is good to vape discreetly. Such as a vape pen like Yocan Evolve Plus,a small kit like Yocan Hive 2.0,they are all very portable and discreet.

3. Vaporizer’s efficiency and vaping experience

A good vaporizer device can control the temperature and airflow well,that will not waste your material,and can bring you good vaping experience.
Some vaporizer is designed for heavy hit,big cloud,some are not. If you are a new beginner,you may like to choose a device not very heavy but with big cloud,then a classic vaporizer can meet your needs. When you vape some time,you may want to try something with big hit,that may make you more exciting. Such as Evolve Plus Xl,its 4 quartz coil will bring you a big hit and big cloud.

4. Price

There are various vaporizers in the market for you to choose,you can choose a suitable device with an affordable price. And try your best to choose genuine device if possible.

Any other points do you consider ? Please feel free to share with us.

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Hello everyone,
Yocan has new product again - Yocan STIX
Yocan STIX is a discreet vape pen designed for juice,super-efficient and leak proof. STIX is crafted with ceramic coil,and features voltage adjustable. Offering up great flavor and crystal smooth texture.

STIX Independent Storage & Leak Proof

This time Yocan STIX use with Ceramic Coil,hope you will like it. :slight_smile:

Yocan STIX is voltage adjustable. Low,Middle and High voltage level.

The Yocan STIX package content 10pcs in each box,enough for you ? :slight_smile:

Check more details on Yocan >>>

What’s your opinion about this Yocan STIX ? Would you like to have a try ? :slight_smile:


Yocan STIX,Exquisite & Portable leak proof vape pen,you deserve it. :slight_smile:


Im looking for something to vape raw, crystal isolate. Got any suggestions?


Please let me know if you find anything. I’ve been trying to figure out how to vape raw isolate for a while now.


Ive used a big ole dabbing rig but it isnt practical. Id like something small and simple that i can use when i am out and about. Yocan has a lot of options but on a limited budget im finding it hard to make a choice as i have such little knowledge on the subject.

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I agree. I really dont know enough about their products to make an informed choice. My budget is pretty tight right now.

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Ill be sure to pass on any information i learn. :slight_smile:

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Yocan STIX Real Shot share with you,very discreet leak-proof juice pen.


Check the Yocan STIX Slide Show,you’ll know more about it. :slight_smile:


Yocan STIX available for order now on Yocan Official Online Shop,choose single pack or box pack as you like. :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,
Want to win a Yocan STIX for free ? Enter the giveaway now

Yocan STIX Giveaway >>>

Good Luck To You!


Congratulations to the first winner! :slight_smile: 9 prizes left,come on,try your luck to win a Yocan STIX now.

We’ll announce 1 winner each 3 days.


Yocan STIX Giveaway
Congratulations to the 2nd winner! :slight_smile: 8 prizes left,come on,try your luck to win now.


Hello everyone,
New product coming - Yocan Stealth :slight_smile:
Yocan Stealth is a powerful 2-in-1 device for vaping Juice and Concentrate.

Yocan Stealth comes with two atomizers, one for Juice,another one for Concentrate.
Juice atomizer: No leaking, ceramic coil
Concentrate atomizer: quartz coil

Flip design make it special,hope you like it.

How do you like it ? Would you like to have a try ?
All comments and suggestions are welcome. :slight_smile:

For more details please check http://www.yocantech.com/Yocan-Stealth/index.html


Hello everyone,
Glad to introduce Yocan’s new product here - Yocan UNI
Yocan UNI is an universal portable mod,world’s first box mod for all kinds of oil atomizers.

Patented Design

High performance

More details -> http://www.yocantech.com/Yocan-UNI/index.html
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Hello everyone,
Yocan brings you new product again - Yocan DeLux

Yocan DeLux is a portable 2-in-1 box mod kit,enabling users to enjoy oil or concentrate vaping on-the-go in a discreet manner.

Show you the exploded view

The DeLux features Magnetic Connection,helps to save your time.

The mini box mod support voltage adjustment.

Yocan DeLux,world’s first box mod works as a power bank. Do you like it ?

Which color do you like best ?

Welcome to check more details about Yocan DeLux

Would you like to have a try ? :smile:


Yocan Delux real shot


Hello everyone,
Black Friday coming!
Yocan is here to bring you a big discount :slight_smile: site-wide 50% OFF :slight_smile: please enjoy the lowest price of the year!
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