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The Vane is a new portable vaporizer from Yocan Tech. It’s simple to use, plus its small and lightweight size (803020mm) make it easy to carry. The Yocan Vane portable vaporizer comes with a 1100mAh battery with a type-c charge port. And in typical high-end vaping fashion, the Vane come with a magnetic mouthpiece.

Main Features:

  • OLED Screen: Timer / Setting Temp / Power / Current Temp
  • Short-Circuit Protection
  • Low Voltage Protection
  • High-Temperature Protection
  • Low/High Resistance Protection
  • Precision temp control
  • Produces Top Quality Vapor
  • Conduction Heating
  • Simple to use
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lightweight
  • Even heating
  • Strong effects
  • Decent flavor and vapor
  • Nicely designed mouthpiece

Learn more Yocan Vane information on YocanTech.com

More vape fans love the twist type vape pen, the LIT is latest Twist vaporizer pen with variable voltage from Yocan Tech.

Yocan LIT Twist Pocket-sized Vaporizer for on the go, simply twist the dial to customize voltage (1.8V to 4.2V).

Main Features:
Dimension: 19x97x27mm
On the go Twist Vape Pen
Preheat function 1.8V
Twist Variable Voltage: 1.8V-4.2V
Micro USB Charging
Battery Status Indicator Light
QDC Technology
Include Extra Magnetic Adapter

Learn more Yocan LIT information on YocanTech.com

Yocan Evolve Plus XL is a super compact and powerful vape pen. The size is 2x5.5x2.5 in. This device is one of the best selling item from Yocan Tech, as a leading vaping brand since 2013. Most of Yocan vaporizers are top-notch vaporizer at affordable prices. The XL version is upgrade based on Evolve Plus vaporizer.

Powering the Yocan Evolve Plus XL vape pen is a 1400mAh rechargeable battery and can be charged via USB. It’s a pocket-friendly and amazingly strong vaporizer pen.

Main Features:

Innovative Premium Vaporizer kit with 1400mAh battery
Compact design and attractive colors
On-the-go design meet different users
Quad Coil Quartz Atomizer.
USB Charging.
Adjustable Airflow

Learn more Yocan Evolve Plus XL information, please visit Yocan.

The Yocan X is latest vaporizer pen from Yocan Tech, which well-know vape brand since 2013.

Yocan X is a supreme functionality pod system that easy to carry in your palm of your hand. This device fits in any sized pocket and perfect for on the go. The heating chamber is also use quartz dual coil(QDC) element, which the biggest advantage of Yocan Evolve Plus. Yocan X vaporizer pen is a powerful, ultra-discreet, lightweight and affordable device.

Main Features:

Compact and lightweight
Stainless Steel Cartridge
500mAh Battery for Long Battery Life
3 Voltage Settings
Magnetic Mouthpiece
on-the-go use
Ergonomic, easy-load chamber opening
Charging via Type C

Learn more Yocan X vaporizer pen on YocanTech.com

Yocan Lit Twist Vaporizer is a pen-style vaporizer that the same QDC technology as the Yocan Evolve Plus. This device will rocking the vaporizer pen water again. The The Yocan Lit equipped rechargeable 400mAh battery, and charge through a Micro USB port. This device takes a magnetic mouthpiece, make it more easier to load.

The convenient built-in USB charging allows you to charge it anywhere with your power cord, always ready to use on the go.

Main Features:

Excellent build quality
Great looks
Strong magnets
No leaking whatsoever
Easy to operate
Great flavor and vapor production
Good life on QDC coils
400mAh Battery

Learn more Yocan Lit vaporizer pen information, please visit YocanTech.com

The Yocan UNI boasts premium compatible capabilities you’d be hard pressed to find in the average essential oil box mod. Yocan Tech is a leading manufacturer in engineering advanced vaporizers, setting new standards in aesthetics, portability, functionality, and user experience. Through proprietary research and development, as well as collaborations with influencer in Yocan Evolve Plus vape pen, box mod, pod system and atomizer, Yocan is transforming the vaping experience and leading the movement to bring vaping traditions to the 21st century.

What compact vape device are you waiting for on the go? Get yours Yocan UNI today!

Main Features:
Fits virtually all 510 thread cartridges
Brand New Patented Design
Three preset Voltage Levels (3.4V, 3.8V, 4.2V)
Universal Box Mod & Oil Level Window
Compact and portable, discreet design, lightweight,
650mAh Battery Capacity
Adjustable Chamber Height And Width
10 second preheat option (Two clicks for automatic preheat)

Yocan UNI is available now on YocanTech.com

Any question, please comment below.

The Yocan Lit is a latest premium vape pen from Yocan Tech. The heating element is formed with QDC technology, as same as Yocan Evolve Plus coil. It help preserve tasty flavor in every draw, no matter you are a newbie or advance vaper. The Yocan Lit featured a 400mAh rechargeable battery, charge via micro USB port. This powerful, long lasting battery allow your all day vaping anywhere and anytime. The lighter shape make this device very special, and small size maker sure you get a good hit every time you use it.

Main Features:

On the go Twist Vape Pen
Preheat function 1.8V
Twist Variable Voltage: 1.8V-4.2V
Micro USB Charging
Battery Status Indicator Light
QDC Technology
Include Extra Magnetic Adapter
400mAh built-in battery

Learn more Yocan LIT vape pen information, please visit YocanTech.com

Yocan Armor batteries are designed specially for 510 threaded cartridges. Yocan Armor 510 Thread Battery Black version delivers the best-in-class farm to table vaping experience. This device comes with a 350mAh Battery. You can use it everywhere, everytime.

By the way, compare with Yocan Evolve Plus vape pen, this device preset 3 voltage levels, you can choose more voltage level fit your on the go vaping needs.

Main Features:

Fit 510 Thread Cartridges

350mAh Battery

Micro USB Charge

One-single Button Vape Pen

10 Sec Preheat Function

Preset 3 Voltage Levels

Learn more Yocan Armor 510 Thread Battery Black version information, please visit YocanTech

The Yocan Evolve 2020 version is the latest upgrade version of Evolve product line. This device is a portable vaporizer pen. It features a slick, compact, discreet design and comes in different color options. Is it a good choice for your portable vaporization needs? Read on and find the answer.

Main Features:

Good Flavor and vapor production
Functional Coil Cap
Dual Quartz Coil
10-Second Auto-Shutoff
Very Portable
650mAh battery
Larger Chamber
Upgraded Battery
Sleek and Discreet
510 threaded battery

Learn more information regarding The Yocan Evolve 2020 Version, please visit Yocan

The Yocan® Evolve D is a special vape pen version of the the well-know Evolve series product line. This device comes with a 650 mAh recharge battery, via 510 threaded charging. And the Evolve D atomizer through 510 thread connected with the battery. The package also comes with a cleaning brush. Yocan® Evolve-D 2020 version is a very portable, featuring dual pancake coils for maximum vaping.

Main Features:
Compact Pen-style Vaporizer
Dual Pancake Coil
Bigger Herb Chamber
Micro USB charging
650 mAh battery

Learn more Yocan Evolve D information on YocanTech.com

The Vane handheld vaporizer is powered by Yocan. This device boasts a ceramic heating element, plus the conduction chamber it deliver delicious and thick vape flavor. Read on find out how big performance the Yocan Vane vaporizer comes with.

At first glance it looks a USB flash drive. The Yocan Vane comes with a rechargeable 1100mAh battery, and fully charged within 1 hours. Allow you spend more time enjoying and less time waiting charging. It is the Perfect & Powerful & Small Vaporizer with BIG performance.

The Yocan Vane featured an enhanced user experience with magnetic mouthpiece.
It’s cool design for on the go.

Main Features:

Heats up quickly
Temperature Control
Capacity long-life 1100mAh batteries
High-quality components
Portable and sleek
Produces thick vapor
Easy to use – no complicated user manual needed
Type C USB charging port

Learn more Yocan Vane information on Yocantech.com

Yocan is one of the top player in the vape industry. We bings a patented design to the market of North America, it’s the Yocan UNI Box Mod. This device is universal mod vaporizer solution for on the go. And it’s compatible with all cartridges, provide all customization for your vaping.

Most important is that the Yocan UNI can adapt to any oil cartridge of any type, size, and length in the market.

Main Features:
On the go Vape Mod
Adapt to 510 Thread Cartridge
Patented Design
10 Stylish Colors
650mAh Battery
Micro USB charge

Learn more Yocan UNI information, please visit YocanTech.com

Introducing the Yocan UNI how to use. Read on to find out how easy the Yocan UNI to use. If you have any questions, please comment below.

What’s Yocan UNI?
Yocan Tech UNI box mod accepting most 510 threaded cartridges with ease, high-powered vaping mod fits all cartridges.

[SIZE=5]Yocan UNI how to use[/SIZE]
If you are a newbie vape, please follow below guideline to use your Yocan UNI device.

[]Screw the Yocan UNI adapter with the cartridge.
]Install your 510 threaded cartridge.
[]5 clicks in a row the fire button to turn the device on.
]Setting your voltage level by 3 clicking the fire button.
[]Pre-heat the cartridge.
]Hold the fire button when you inhale.

Main Features:

Integrated 650mAh Rechargeable Battery
3 Voltage Levels – 3.4V | 3.8V | 4.2V
10s Preheating Function
Single Button Operation
LED Indicator Light
Juice Viewing Window
Short-Circuit Protection
Recessed 510 Connection

Learn more Yocan UNI box mod information, please visit YocanTech.com

Yocan Vape Pen Giveaway is here. Read on find out how to get your own Yocan X vaporizer device for free.

[SIZE=5]How to enter Yocan X Vape Pen Giveaway?[/SIZE]
Please visit our latest post on Yocantech.com, 10 ways to enter, good luck.
Here is the link to enter Yocan X Vape Pen Giveaway.

Prizes: 3 * Yocan X

Region: Global

Time: 22nd July 2020 — 31st July 2020 (Pacific Time (US & Canada))

Yocan Tech used its hallmark Quartz Dual Coil Technology, same heating technology utilizing with the Yocan Evolve Plus. The Yocan X producing pure flavor and vapor production, making this the perfect on the go device.

Main Features:
Rechargeable 500mAh battery
Compact And Portable: 96.3 X 20.02 X 15mm
Produces Top Quality Vapor
All Day Vaping Battery Power
USB-C Charging

Learn more Yocan X vape pen information, please visit YocanTech.com

Do you know any vaporizer featured heating in waves? The Apex is the latest vape pen from Yocan, comes with heating in waves function. Yocan Apex is a little narrower than most vape pen. Like most of Yocan vaporizer pen, the Yocan Apex has a single power button to control the device.

Main Features:

Heating in Waves Function
Discreet, Sleek Vape Pen
QDC Technology for Instantly Heating
Good Flavor
Rechargeable 650mAh
Micro USB Port
Functional Coil Cap
Preset 3 Voltage Levels

Learn more Yocan Apex vape pen information, please visit YocanTech.com

Which vaporizer device can compatible with all cartridges? Read on and find out why vape lab editor recommend this Yocan UNI Pro device. If you have own many difference cartridges and want to find one battery to fit all cartridges, this Yocan device is the answer.

The UNI Pro hand-held mod battery for all 510 cartridges with a special patented design. Available in six colors: black, silver, white, dark champagne, airy blue, and red. The Yocan UNI Pro equipped with a rechargeable 650mAh built-in battery.

This device featured a OLED display to indicates detailed power level.

To use the Yocan UNI Pro, simply select your 510 favorite cartridge and you’re on your vaping way.

Main Features:

Yocan Patented Design
Fit Your Favorite 510 Cartridges
Customize Voltage Option(2.0V to 4.2V)
Universal Box Mod & Oil Level Window
Compact And Portable
650mAh Battery Capacity & USB Charging

Learn more Yocan UNI Pro information, please visit YocanTech.com

We( Yocan or Yocan Tech) are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new website domain – Yocan.com!

Our goal with this yocan.com is to provide our customers an easier way to learn about Yocan vaporizers and vaporization solutions.

For any questions, suggestions, feedback, please contact Yocan Team.

The Yocan UNI Pro is a Portable Mod Vaporizer Fit All 510 Cartridges.

As we know, vape industry has seen a lot of progress the pass couple of years. Starting from the vape pen to the high powered box mod, there are so many vape pen brand or box mod brands in the market.

The Yocan UNI Pro is seeking to make some much-needed developments in this niche section, Portable Mod Vaporizers market.
It’s featured awesomely compatible and uniquely versatile battery(650mAh). The oil cartridge chamber is super huge, to accommodate a larger variety of cartridges with a 510 thread magnetic adapter.

The Yocan UNI Pro is high powered 510 threaded battery. Yocan designers focus more on on portability and compactness. If you are interested in on the go mod vaporizer device, check out the Yocan UNI Pro, it’s your answer.

Main Features:
Portable And Compact
510 Thread Magnetic Adapter
Fit all Cartridges
650mAh Battery

If you have questions about our Yocan UNI Pro Vaporizer, feel free to drop us a comment below!

Learn more Yocan UNI Pro information, please visit Yocan.com

Why so many vapers choose Yocan HIT vaporizer. Read on and find out the answer.

Yocan HIT featured a magnetic mouthpiece, to make it’s easier to use when you reload material.

Yocan HIT is compact, discreet, portable and functional, proving to be the most effective handheld vape on the market.
And it fits into the palm of your hand, the best compact vape.

The Yocan HIT designed with a wide temperature range, from 200°F to 480°F. It’s the most widely temperature range on the vape market. Some new vape user want to lower temperature, and some advanced users will set higher temperature to heating the material faster.

The Yocan HIT has a 1400mAh built-in battery. As some as most other latest vaporizers, featured a Type-c fast charging port, the fully charge time just need to 50 min.

Yocan HIT Features:

117×23 mm
Smart Vibration Reminder
USB-C Charging
Magnetic Mouthpiece
Temperature Range: 200℉ – 480℉
Battery Capacity: 1400mah

Learn more Yocan HIT information, please visit Yocan.com

What vape batteries are best for 510 thread cartridge? The Yocan UNI Pro is vape lab editor’s choice. Read on and find out why Yocan UNI Pro is the best 510 thread battery.

Yocan engineering team has worked hard to develop the Yocan UNI Pro product line, and providing reliable use experience. It has long lives, fast charging via micro USB, and consistent energy outputs.

Higher Temperature and precise measurement

Yocan UNI Pro is capable of precise voltage adjustment, delivers precise temperature selection without the fuss. You can set up to 4.2V voltage to vaping.

If your device can’t control temperature, the ejuice sometimes burn when you vaping.

Battery Capacity

Then, you should to choose big battery capacity vaporizer device. The viscous oil required higher temperatures, and means using more energy. Yocan UNI Pro take a high-quality battery, ensure you can vaping all day.


  1. Yocan Patented Design

  2. Fit Your Favorite 510 Cartridges

  3. Customize Voltage Option(2.0V to 4.2V)

  4. Universal Box Mod & Oil Level Window

  5. Compact And Portable

Learn more Yocan UNI Pro information, please visit Yocan.com