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I have been making DIY NET extractions for my personal use for some time now. I got started on this with a lot of help from many folks that post here on the forum. I am standing on the shoulders of giants, particularly I want to thank all the expert help from @Kinnikinnick My own background has been a career in industrial chemistry and process development so it was a natural for me to do a little ‘kitchen chemistry’ and explore tobacco extractions. I have scaled my batch size to about 150mls per tobacco sample, and this leaves me with far more product than I could vape in a lifetime. I want to offer this overage to you and anyone that is interested in exploring NET.

If you do not have the time or the necessary equipment, or are not sure NET is right for you, then a source of good samples like what I am offering here might be something that will serve you well.

And, hopefully, if you have access to samples like what I am offering, then you may be excited enough about the results to start in on your own extractions. If that happens you will find much helpful support from the community of NETers here on the forum. Just ask if you have any questions. Also I would be happy to share the details of how any particular sample extraction was made.

Click Here to go to my DY NET Blog Page…