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I smoked cigarettes for 20+ years and I got to the point where I couldn't wake up in the morning without getting woozy. I'd go to stand up and have to sit back down again. I would be out of breath from doing simple things like going for a light jog or riding a bicycle. I got to the point where I had to quit. There was no other choice, but the patches didn't cut it, the gum was a joke, and I just couldn't get that satisfactory feeling of smoke rolling down my throat. Time after time over the years I attempted to put the smokes down only to find myself having a bad day and lighting up again.

Then I discovered vaping. With the right flavor and device, I was able to quit smoking. I didn't start with anything fancy, but I was able to put the cigarettes down because I felt that feeling of the smoke going over the back of my throat. That's what I always felt I needed. Back then, we had very limited devices and most of them needed a high nicotine juice for the throat hit that I so desired. As time progressed, the devices became better, provided a better hit; and I was able to bring the nicotine down to a very low level. Once the nicotine was down, the flavor exploded, my palate came to life and I discovered I was pretty good at identifying flavors. I could breathe again, I felt better, was able to ride a bicycle and do activities without getting out of breath.

My life changed when I met Amy and found more purpose to my life. She has special needs and is a wonderful addition to my life. We care for each other and it works out really well for both of us. She helps keep me balanced and was my motivation and inspiration to do this. Now we enjoy helping others. How? We help them quit smoking. That's what this is all about right? If we can help someone spend more time with their family by helping them, then we did the right thing.

Best wishes to you all. Vape on.