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I’ve been vaping for just over 2.5 months, having never smoked but badly needing a solution for chronic anxiety and lung problems. I’m getting really positive results, but have struggled to find flavours that I enjoy.

I mixed some bland juices together (rather than trash them), and was amazed at how good it became. I make botanical perfumes for a living, and am used to mixing by smell (I have hypersensitivity). I followed my nose with the juices too, and presume that I can do the same with true DIY.

My ultimate goal is to add cbd to recipes that I particularly enjoy, but have been unable to find clear instruction on how to do this. Literally all I could discover is that isolate is used, either pre-soaked in pg or simply added to the mix with 6 hours wait for it to dissolve in either case.
I’ve found info on percentages entirely lacking, with the preferred method seeming to be dumping 500mg into whatever size bottle and vaping once dissolved. If you can tell me how to adjust dosages and scale it up with bigger quantities, I will love you forever.
My preferred dosage is 200mg cbd and 20mg cbg . I don’t even know how to measure that out, as my smallest measuring spoon holds a gram