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Im an avid hobbyist in the vaping community. I love building coils (to an extent) and mixing from scratch. Something about making a good/decent recipe without any external creative suggestion brings about the most satisfying sense of accomplishment to yours truly. I also love working on a good recipe and trying to make it better.

If anyone would like to collaborate or share ideas and create some masterpieces (lol) get a hold of me.

:heavy_check_mark:Check :heavy_check_mark: out my recipe page, I hope you enjoy my recipes as much as I have!

We all need to stand together and fight for what we hold dear because it is in the process of being ripped away from us. Go to http://www.casaa.org to see how you can help our community against these deeming bans and regulations, if you are a vaper, you dont have to do everything but you have to do SOMETHING!