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I have been a part of the ELR community now for around about 5>7 months, in that time i have gained a fuktonne of knowledge from the senior mixers who have been around for eons (Woftam in particular). I picked up my first cigarette when i was in high school way back in 87>88 so i was a heavy 30 a day smoker for a good 30 years i guess, 15>20 of those years was on the white ox (and no i haven’t been to prison in case your wondering, come close once but didn’t make the cut.)

My first device around 2 year ago was the Kangertech subtank nano, i grabbed 3 or 4 bottles of commercial juice through MFS (My Freedom Smokes) umm cosmic fog, mad hatter and a couple of in house lines with a mixed ratio of nic content ranging from 3mg up to 9 mg, little did i know that sub ohming anything over 3mg even for a beginner was gonna be a horror story and that was the case. I put it down and picked the smokes back up.

Two years later my son in law got his hands on the well know Alien kit by SMOK…well i had to follow suit…something clicked, i was completely obsessed. from there to now i have travelled this journey which has been amazing, i haven’t smoked for coming on 7 months and have been heavily involved with the DIY scene since i started again.

DIY just made sence, i began mixing from the beginning, i will admit there have been lots of bumps along the way, well plenty of pot holes as well but with the support from a particular well known Mixer in this community, i have managed to stay on course and am now just beginning to bump out a couple of simple recipes here and there. Simon (Screen name WOFTAM) has been an integral part of my journey his generous approachable take on my staying off the smokes, as well as bettering my mixing abilities has been for the lack of a better word amazing. Vaping, and Mixing have become a lifestyle/Hobby/Lifesaving decision…and i dont regret it one fukin bit…

ELR’s home page is pretty much my screen saver…im always on it digging snooping, reading sukin it all up, all the knowledge that is made freely available by the community for the community, simply i would not be where i am today if this website wasn’t around, well i can definitely say i wouldn’t be equipped with what i have on board, without ELR being what it is…Lars has done an amazing job and you deserve a shout out mate for what you do behind the scenes.

Im healthier, happier, ive learned a shit tonne about so much different stuff and im grateful

Thankyou ELR and all that have been onboard with me from start to now…