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2 Years Smoke Free



:laughing: love it. thanks!


You earned it… thank YOU!


I’m getting there 4 months to go


Fantastic! these months will fly by :+1:


Hubby and I just hit the two year mark! I’m not sure of the exact date, but it was within the first two weeks of August. Woot woot!


Sweet! Congrats to you guys! :tada:


My 2 year mark was the last week of July. Congrats to all, in the graduating class of 2015!





Fantastic! I will be there in a year and a half.


Just did the maths and I hit 2 years totally smoke free 3 days ago yay


Congrats bro :fist:


Congrats to the recent two years mark folks!
Well done!! :tada:


Oh man, not sure how I missed this post but a big honking congrats to you for making 2 years smoke free. That is awesome brother!




Congrats man. Awesome milestone.


Well done brother, great achievement. I know you will have many more smoke free years to come. :+1:


Whooooooop! Awesome job petal :kissing_heart:


Many thanks brother :smiley: awesome new icon!