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2 Years Smoke Free


On this day in 2015 I smoked my very last cigarette. On this day in 2016 I mixed my first DIY e-liquid. I love this community! Thank you all!


Congratz Sir.


Double anniversary - congratulations! :tada:


Yes, celebrated the first by diving into DIY. So glad I did.


I’m so glad you did too; you have a lot of knowledge and share willingly, thank you. :+1:


Congratulations on reaching this milestone. Long may it continue :thumbsup:




Congrats on a major milestone, Louie!


Very Kewl ! Congrats :sunny:


Whoop! That’s awesome :clap: :smiley:


Live long and prosper (and breathe well)


Today makes 2 years since my last deathstick. :star_struck: Many thanks to loved ones and my wonderful ELR family for the continued support and knowledge.

P. S. A big EFF YOU to big tobacco and big pharma. :fu:


Congrats Louie!! Keep it up. :thumbsup:

Derp. Missed the original date. Lol. Ah well, the sentiment stands!

Grats @MisterSinner! Well done to you too man!


Congrats on that achievement @MisterSinner :+1:


Well done lovely! Super awesome achievement :smiley::kissing_heart:


Congratulations @MisterSinner!


Phenomenal man! Vape on brother!:dash:


Thank you guys… Big hugs to all. :innocent:


I’m all outta likes!


Thats awesome!! Those are some big milestones…congrats