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2018 Vape Goals?


mhmm i bet u would. im gonna make it. :smiley: i think haha


Only if the same narrator talks while I search for them. Still hoping what they find is the perfect Cherry flavor.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


a perfect cherry and a perfect dr pepper flavour. <3


Definitely to mix, mix, and mix some more. I got discouraged for a while but I’m back at it, and this time I’m doing it the smart way and reading the forum.

Also to nail down a recipe of my own!


Join the Discord Channel it often gives u motivated and get helps when needed :slight_smile:


My only vaping goal would be to finally use up some of my flavors stash. Ill see a recipe that i want to make, then order the flavors then nothing. i just put the flavors on a shelf.


I do that too!!


I want to convert EVERY smoker in my life to vaping! I also really want a Voltrove V2 41mm tank… in that order.
Maybe just a FEW more vape-related things like a dozen more shelfs, better lighting, mood mixing music (surround sound of course), mag mixer, soldering station, milling machine (cnc preferably), a few dozen orders of mod parts and supplies and just a couple more flavors should do it.


This looks so cool. I was wondering though why the tank is frosted acrylic, when the themselves say :slight_smile: - Comes with frosted acrylic tank sections.
**Heavy menthol or citrus juices could cause issues with acrylic tank sections.

Is there some advantage? Im only curious and trying to learn


only reason is it looks cool when it´s empty therwise acrylic is just a cheaper alternative


Thought about this once for a bit after @Jenny1978 posted it before posting, and there are actually a LOT of good posts ^^^^^.

Keeping it simple this year (life’s to complicated already).

  1. Make more friends on ELR and try to do at least one meet.
  2. Improve mixing, layering, and enhancing my enhancers.
  3. Continue to pull people away from cigarettes, either to vaping, or quitting all together.
  4. Expand my ELR tester base for a wider array of feedback on tester mixes.
  5. Somehow CULL the HERD of flavors, to at least get them to fit on the racks.
  6. Continue to acquire as MANY Steam Crave devices as I can.


Clone VTMN Island and Dis-Dat-Ish Cyclone


One can never have too many steamcraves. Lol. :heart_eyes:


All good points! I want to add that as several of you stated, I also really want to continue to try to get people to vape instead of smoking. And be as helpful and supportive as I can to them to make it less of a challenge to get started. :smiley:


Welcome to the Forum! I hope you can get some really good mixes and create some great recipes! I started out not reading the forum first also. It would have been less discouraging of a start if I did come on the forum! I figured out what I needed to be doing with help from all of these wonderful people! I hope you find it as helpful and successful as I did!


i hope this new year i’ll learn more about vaping stuff and of course make my own e-liquids !
im 26 days without smoking and i’m feeling pretty fine! i found this community i have to learn so many things ! i’m totally a newbie and noobie :stuck_out_tongue: ! i wish everyone all the best !


Welcome to Vaping, ELR and Mixing! Congratulations on 26 days without a cigarette! That’s wonderful! I am so happy you feel good! :smiley:

I didn’t know much about vaping at all when I started. The hardware part was very overwhelming to me! I didn’t have friends that vaped to offer help. My local vape shop got me started, beyond that, my new huge group of friends on ELR were my help in every other aspect of this! I recommend reading as much of the beginners information as possible, but also ask questions and for help in whatever you need! The knowledge and support of these amazing people is incredible! We were all there at one point.

I hope you have great success with vaping and mixing!