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2018 Vape Goals?


What vape related things are you hoping to accomplish this year? I don’t mean resolutions, as they are usually things you force yourself to do. This is for fun goals that come along with going further down the rabbit hole!

Mine is coils and wicking! I can do it, but they are just not coming out great yet. I really like doing it too! :smiley:


For me, easy. Get better at mixing. And, expand the stash even further (though that’s less a goal than an obvious statement of fact).


the only goal ive really set for myself is to make at least one new recipe a month , and to use a lot of the flavors ive ignored this last year


I need to make more of my own wire. I have the Daedalus Pro and a lot of wire but keep buying spools of premade clapton wire. Find a better way to flatten wire and get all my vape stuff organized better.


Me too. Let me know if you figure something out.


Easy; getting a steeping system that will make me a bit more disciplined when it comes to not vaping all the new and good stuff first. Like a mechanism that gives me a smack on the wrist when I reach for the newer mixes i.e. Or would this sort under ‘resolutions’? Doesn’t matter, I need it no matter what, lol.


Hide them. Literally. Put them off in the back of a cabinet or the bottom drawer of your dresser and literally forget them. Makes for a very nice surprise at a later date.


Oh, they already are in my drawer. But the problem, you see, is that it can be opened - and my recollection is a little too good :grin: They are in there caaaalling for me, sssh, you can hear them if you are quiet; “Vape meee fiiiirst” “Pick meee”. You know how they nag you until you are a slave of their command…


A friend of mine stuffs them between the sofa cushions to lose them. I use the laundry room; I’m never in there! :smirk:



Bury them on Oak Island. No one will ever find them. Hey, maybe that’s what the treasure actually is! 250 year old hyper-steeped e-juice! I’ll be the first in line not to try it.


My tip is to grab one of these for flattening wires :slight_smile: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Marcato-machine-Chrome-Silver-Wellness/dp/B0009U5OSO i just link this for referense there is cheaper out there :smiley:


I want to get on to a regular mixing schedule, instead of mixing just when we need to. And… finish our vape cave!!! @Cutlass92 maybe next weekend??


Nice! Question though… Part of the thing that takes me the most time is, the wires sometimes cross and I have to work that out too. How does that thing accomplish that?


My Vape Goals this year is to not buy anymore vapegear until 1 may. why u may ask well because im stupid. and made a stupid bet with a frined 500 us. that i can´t keep my fingers from the order botten for 4 month. it´s kinda weird. that my friends actully dont think i can manage that or hmm well. i should make it.:smiley: after that i probably should hmm try to find what i missed the last 4 month and get back in order haha


if u run the deadalous and u mean that the wire start to twist in the same direction as the winding. just grab a tweeser. (nylon tiped if u have or toothless works) then just flip the direction and slowly rewind it so it´s correct. then it´s just let it go throw the pasta machine :slight_smile: works great. i just stopt doing flattening does not thing it´s needed it´s more a look than a performers part :stuck_out_tongue:


And out of the blue, the once thought to be imaginary Nappen, appears live on the forum! Majestic as a unicorn! :joy:


I want to get in on that bet!!


Oh man, I would lose that bet. I have tried 3 pasta machines, one would slightly flatten 20 gauge wire and clapton wire but nothing smaller. So far kinda worthless for my needs. Looking at small milling machines but really don’t want to pay that much.


i had a cheap one bought from Jula (store in sweden) worked great for my needs. buth now i just skip the flattening part :stuck_out_tongue: i just wrap them glow them vape them. and repeat :smiley: