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3:AM, My Favorite vape of the day


Vaping outside with a full tank of a juice I mixed myself. Hell, I need to change the cotton, but it still tastes great. It’s a bit chilly, enough to keep the mosquitos at bay. Only noises are the frogs talking. Enough of a breeze to carry clouds into the neighbors yard. Totally peaceful.
And it wouldn’t be any different if I was enjoying one of the great recipes created by any of you, who do it because you love it, not for profit, and share them here, for people like me to enjoy.
Maybe some of you know what I’m talking about.
Thanks to you all.


Indeed I do… solidarity in a quiet moment of pure peace and pleasure! :sunglasses:


There is something to be said for solitude. Solitude where there are no distractions for the brain is an amazing thing. Clarity at its finest comes out. The brain let’s go of all stress and just being in that moment is all that matters. If you can get to that zen spot then it is pure bliss. I hate mornings like a mother fucker. How ever I do like getting to work. I have to walk in a wooded area. My mind let’s go of what is in front of me and I become one with nature. I know deep right.



@Underanne that is my kind of back yard - lovely.

This wasn’t taken today it is raining but this is my normal outlook from my office.


At 3 AM…you must be nocturnal like me. I love sitting outside at night on my deck. I used to go out there to smoke and had been avoiding it since I quit but I think I’ll fill up my squonk and go sit out there for awhile now. Maybe howl @ the moon. :crescent_moon:


I could manage with an office view like that… What a beautiful place to be!

And @modfogger I’ll come howling with you :full_moon:


MrNeph you are on point. I just had to close my eyes for a minute and imagine it. The birds have been getting up earlier so for me, have to add a bit of birdsong to the mix. Ahhh.


103 degrees here today


Are you in Texas or something?


Dude that is one of the most awesome relaxing picture Enjoy


Oh boy. Where is @Skullblade789


Thank you, Johnny, very nice of you to say so! :grinning:





I feel bad for all those “kittens”.


I’m so sorry. I’ll delete the bookmark to this site and you can have a blast here in this safe place. :wink:


No way Lady. I was kidding.


No you dont!!! Stay here with us. Who is gonna keep us in line?



Oh sorry you didn’t get that. I was just copying someone else lmao