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3 Years Tomorrow


Tomorrow it will have been 3 years since my last cigarette. I’m actually pretty effin’ proud of myself because I really liked cigarettes… apparently not as much as I like vaping though :sunglasses: I actually sorta quit the day before, just snuck in a couple of late night cigs but from Oct. 6, 2014 and on haven’t smoked or even wanted a cigarette.



I celebrated my 3-year earlier this year-I still marvel at the fact that I was finally able to make the break away from tobacco. It’s a great accomplishment you’ve achieved-HUZZAH!!!


I smoked and vaped for 6 months or so before I finally decided it was time to chunk the cigs.


I did dual-use for two months, steadily getting rid of all of the various smokes throughout the day and replacing them with vaping. I started on the random smokes during the day-If I felt like having a smoke, I’d vape until I’d gotten through the craving for a cigarette. Once I had those beat, the next to go were the “key” cigarettes: The one after a meal, with the cup of coffee or when I first got behind the wheel of my car(That one was a bastard!) Once I’d gotten those out of the way, I was just having one when I woke up and one before I went to bed. One night, I smoked the last cig out of a pack. Even though I had a fresh pack in my car, I was tired and it was raining so I decided to play a game of"How long can I go without opening that pack?" I’ve still got that pack of cigarettes, even after three years. I keep it around to remind me of the cigarettes I choose to NOT smoke.

One of these days, I’m going to open it. At the firing range, with a slew of .40 P+ rounds!


Funny, as long as it’s been I still find myself reaching for a cigarette after eating. I had an unopened carton laying around for months. I finally threw it and all the ashtrays in the house in the trash.


The only ashtrays I kept a hold of are the one that my stepdad boosted from the ship he was on during his stint in the Navy(He was a carpenter. On a steel ship. Figure that one out!) and the Joe Camel ashtray that I got as a freemium. It’s never been used, so I figure one of these days it might be worth a dollar or three,


I still have a couple on the patio table that I boosted from a casino :hushed:



Yeah, its pretty awesome, huh?! :wink:

Congrats on 3 years, dude! That’s fantastic!


YEEEESSSSS!!! And you’ll have someone take a video so you can share it here right?!



A hearty congratulations to you mstokens!!


:cake: :balloon: :fireworks: :tophat: :candle:


That’s fabulous & Congrats of course !


Hadn’t thought of that! I think that is an AWESOME idea!!!


Congrats on the 3 years bro and to the many more to come :+1:


Congratulations on your milestone @mstokens :birthday:


Awesome job @mstokens! :tada::tada::tada:


Awesome! You Rock!


Congrats on 3 years smoke free! An incredible milestone. Here is to many more years to come!


Congrats @mstokens!!!