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3d Printed Vape Parts


I print a few items and started to make more and more vape related parts.

here is the 2 i have shared right now.
My simple 18650 holder so i keep my batterys fresh. last charged first to use.

and here is a cotton cut guide i made that works brijlantly =)

anyone else have made any fun 3d printed models for vape stuff?


If @bradslinux ever comes out of his cave where he’s been hiding and printing an army to take over the world, I bet he’d enjoy this. :wink:


Dammit THAT Sir, is a GREAT idea !!! :+1:


thanks m8. glad someone liked it. i get so frustrated when i get one good wick and one bad. now it´s just to remember what size i use and tada same result everytime :slight_smile:
my griffin 25 plus and troll rta wanted 10mm strips and now they wick like a champ :smiley:


Sent cotton guide to my cousin to print it for me. Thanks for the links!


your welcome. just glad that people enjoy my lazyness :stuck_out_tongue:


I usually refer to that as “working smarter, not harder”, but who am I kidding. It’s all motivated by laziness.


What kind of printer do you use to make these?


I just found this on thingiverse and thought this would be the thread to post it.
Wismec Reauleaux RX200/DNA200 cup holder


The printer i used is a Wanhao Duplicator i3 Plus (modified with igus bearings, Cii cooler, Eii Cooler. diffrent extruder)


Wow that cotton guid is brilliant!! I need one as I have the same trouble trying to get two identical strips…


Isn’t there a site/business you can send these files to and they will print and send you the object?

Nice. I was going to order one from jwraps I think but the 2 belt holsters I got actually sit pretty well in my cup holders if I simply take it off my belt when getting in the car. Since I can’t wear 2 at once I think I am going to leave the spare holster in the car then I can keep the other on my belt and simply pull the mod out.


Those are just genius! I need to get me a 3D printer. 'Course that could be dangerous I’d probably make faux armor for my dogs or something. I’m sure I’d never leave the house.


I’m sure there is. Not sure what they charge though.