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60% off on Inawera Flavors


use code INAWERA60

The site is kind of a pain to navigate and I hate the bottles they use, but it’s a decent sale.

Also, inawera.com is offering 60% off on selected flavorings.

The shipping will probably kill you if you don’t live on that side of the world.


Happening in the US too …just got some obscure flavors


Saturday and sunday you get 15% off all bases, concentrates and liquids, code SUN
@inawera.com of course


Inawera’s own shop offering 15% discount this weekend on everything to celebrate their birthday. Use code HB at checkout.

Good deals?

Just had an email use code WINTER to get 15% off this weekend at Inawera 28th and 29th January


Just had an email Inawera celebrating their birthday. Up to 40% off over 70 different flavours in their range till Wednesday 6th December. No code need. But need to be logged in to see prices and click on Anniversary Sale on left hand side to see all flavours on offer. Inawera