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A Beginner's Guide To Making The Most Highly-Rated Recipes


:slight_smile: Good luck pops! I suspect you’re honorable goals will in fact turn out to be 80 mixes. It sucks you in man. It sucks you in.


Wish I had this info when I started mixing.Would have saved me time and money. Exellent post. Thankyou.


WOWOWOWOWOW - I am extremely amazed, grateful, and disappointed (in myself mainly) all at the same time. LOL

I truly wish I had stumbled upon this post when I first started DIYing. It took me only 4 weeks when I started vaping to decide on giving DIY a try. I have not gone back since. I spent hours and hours, days and weeks since January 2017 researching the whats, the hows, the wheres and let us not forget the amount of money when everything I needed is all right here in one handy dandy post. Absolutely amazing.

Thank you so very much for this priceless bit of information. You have truly made my life so much easier. So far I have just skimmed the post. Now I can’t wait to devour everything I can here. Hahaha


Great read! Good info for sure!


I wish I had read this before buying my first couple flavor orders! I made some awful, coil-killing, over-flavored messes and wasted time and money. I’m gonna mix up about 12 of these recipes now and see if I fare any better!


it will take a lot of time to understand and use all this info, big work, thank u!:blush:


Yesterday I ordered the 18 flavors suggested in the article to make the 10 popular recipes listed. I just noticed when I actually click on Kreed’s Kustard and Ripe Dragon Cream it says I’m missing ingrediants. The missing ingredient is Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) (TPA). I just ordered plain old 10% ethyl maltol in PG since the list says nothing about Cotton Candy. Do I need to reorder the Cotton Candy or are the two interchangeable? First time mixer here so sorry if I’m missing something. Thanks!!!


10% Ethyl Maltol in PG is the same with Cotton Candy (10% EM/Ethyl Maltol) TPA :slightly_smiling_face:


So you mean they are the same thing and I’m good to go? Right? Thanks


Yes, they are the same thing :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks :smile:


What article?


This article @CallMeTut :grin:


What brilliant information. Thank you. I’m new to mixing and this will really help.


This is extremely helpful. THANK YOU.


Figured you for a fellow Jeopardy fan, @Sprkslfly! :+1::star_struck::tada:

Quiz Bowl on PBS (show called BGSU Brain Games, I think its called) has been playing on my PC+TV lately! Those were the days… :nerd_face: