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A Billion Lives - Documentary - Our answer to FDA ~ Available Now!


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I subscribed and attached to my Google+ page… this is noteworthy indeed…


I hope once they’ve made a little money on this film that they will release to the public domain. That’s where we’d see a better chance of it being seen and having an impact. Either way the release is a bit tardy I think but I do hope it gets some attention.


we’ll see. anyways, it’s better than nothing …


Yeah…it’d get TONS more views on Netflix than it ever will in ‘private showings’.


This is so true, that and Hulu or Amazon Prime…

There are a ton of documentary aficionados out there… I’m one of them.

Latest recommendation: “Going Clear” HBO’s Scientology Documentary… wow… talk about eye opening… and a knee slapper at the same time.


Yeah, I am too! I especially loved it when Netflix brought the Ted talks on-board!!


I believe they want it to be seen in theaters and not on Netflix, etc. so that it won’t die a quick death They want/need hooplah and critics reviews and awards - that will bring attention to it. People have to be talking about it so that they will be curious to see it and ideally, eventually public perception shifts. That won’t happen on Netflix.

I was lucky enough to see it when I attended the VTA conference in DC in early June (I attended the VTA conf. as an enthusiastic consumer, not as a vendor). As a vaper it’s comforting to know the truth is being told but it’s definitely not made for vapers - the people that need to see it are the people who look at you sideways when you’re walking down the street vaping, your brother in law who is spouting out propaganda and mis-information from “legitimate” health organizations, your co-worker who walks by you and says “Those are worse than cigarettes!!” and refuses to listen to anything you have to say, and on and on. People who don’t vape need to see this. There will not be enough of them that “happen to” decide to watch it on Netflix where it would make an impact on public perception/awareness.


I’d argue that they are more likely to see it on streaming media than they ever will be with the limited private screenings. I get that these things cost money to make, but at this point its a valuable weapon in the fight that is just not in the fight. Look at the power of a simple documentary, ask the guys at Seaworld how things are for them in a post Blackfish world, and I know I watched that on netflix.


if anyone will ever find a Billion lives online or for download, please post here!


The problem is the only people who want to see it available on Netflix or streaming are vapers, not the general public who need to see it. They will not be drawn to it and most likely skip over it when they scroll through the menu. They are trying to create a buzz so that it can be reviewed, shown in theaters, get a lot of people to see it/want to see it. It would die a quick death on Netflix or streaming, but vapers would be happy.


You might be surprised. The documentaries on Netflix are there because people watch them. I know I’ve watched a ton of them myself and I bet if ABL made it to Netflix it would get people talking.


I respectfully disagree. :slight_smile:

And here’s why: Like you, I watch a lot of documentaries on Netflix. You, I and many people on this forum are knowledge seekers. We want to know the truth. We are interested enough to seek out answers. Sadly, that is not true for many people who are perfectly willing to buy any “truth” that is handed them. They don’t want to work for it - they don’t want to read, research, understand all the viewpoints. “I saw it on TV/read it on the internet so it must be true” folks. People are busy, they don’t have time (myself included) to research every claim that comes their way and if they hear it often enough the tendency is to believe it as fact without believing that any further research is needed. That is who needs to see this movie. They are currently not interested in the subject. Hollywood hoopla will make them interested and that is what is A Billion Lives is trying to create.


(Without congressional action to protect our rights, the FDA will have essentially banned vaping by “deeming” that it is a tobacco product, effective August 8th of this year. Flavorings used for DIY ejuice are going to be regulated as “tobacco product components” and subject to these same regulations.)

In refrence to the comment above …

If thats the case then all our foods and drinks should be treated as tobacco products also as they use the same consentrates.

Does this mean you have to be over 18 to buy a fizzy soda drink or eat food that contains flavour consentrate.


New Trailer!


Thanks Raven. I see it’s hitting theaters next month. That’s good. May not be a box office smash, but every educated person is another notch in the old belt, and the exposure of the US Government (and other gov’ts too) of knowingly sanctioning the death of their citizens will be timely to say the least.