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A Billion Lives - Documentary - Our answer to FDA ~ Available Now!




It’s strange to me how fast they got the regulation ball rolling. Seems like most everything else the govt does is a slow/tedious process with hiccups along the way.


great video, Rob!!! if you’ll see anything similar, please post here!!!



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4 short and good videos



A Billion Lives creator starts to show the movie in Canada and New Zealand and Australia and UK.

"In the quiet hours here at the end of a long day, I’m pondering many things.

This has been an amazing journey. It’s been nearly two years since we initially decided to to investigate this topic, and nearly a year since we finished filming.


The thought that just keeps coming to mind as I write this is how thankful I am to have you all with us. This project has been emotional, grueling. I appreciate your support. I appreciate your patience.

This week will feature the most announcements we’ve ever made. Things are finally rolling.

I hope you’re ready!

Let’s start with Canada since it’s Thanksgiving there today and I’m especially grateful for all their support over the past year.

Here are a couple updates:
Tickets for the Canadian Premiere in Toronto at the Hot Docs Cinema are now on sale. Click here to be a part of it.
We just received word that a former Prime Minister of Canada will be joining us! A world leader wants to see what we found!
We are still waiting for a rating and approval in all provinces of Canada. It’s a tedious process.
We now have a version of A Billion Lives in French.
Once the movie is finally approved, it will be available to come to theaters throughout Canada via Tugg.com

Our friends in the UK continue to lead the world in intelligent and compassionate tobacco harm reduction strategies. We have five British people in the movie and much of our early support on social media came from there.
We are honored to announce that we now have 11 screenings at Odeon Cinemas across the UK.

If you’d like to setup a screening at an Odeon Cinema near you, visit this page. Organizers get 5% of sales to support an advocacy effort.
It’s hard to invite politicians, customers, and media to your home. The cinema is the best way to introduce people to tobacco hard reduction, in a neutral, comfortable, familiar place.

Australia is facing some of the harshest conditions for smokers seeking to quit. I’m excited to see things begin to turn around there.

It was an honor to win my first Best Director award there and I’m excited to announce that we have 13 screenings scheduled across Australia!

We’re going to make some noise for trapped smokers, for Vince, and for the truth.

New Zealand was where it all began. Our world premiere was spectacular and we’ve shown the movie four times already there.

It’s been amazing to watch their government reverse course on nicotine vapor technology.

I’ll have more big updates soon for the rest of the world, so please keep checking your emails this week.

Talk soon,

  • Aaron Biebert & the team"




My wife and I are going to see this on the screening launch day (10/26/2016) in Dallas at the Angelika Film Center! There were only 5 tickets left. WooHoo! Can’t wait to see this!

It looks like there are only a few locations in the US that will be showing this on launch day, LA & NYC and a few special event locations around the US. You can check your local area here to see if a venue near you will be showing this.
https://www.tugg.com/ <-- search by zip code
https://www.tugg.com/titles/a-billion-lives <-- see list of locations (pending means they still haven’t met the minimum ticket sales, usually 75-100, to host the event)