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A Billion Lives - Documentary - Our answer to FDA ~ Available Now!


Is anyone else planning on attending a screening?


They tried to bury us

I was worried.

Big organizations were trying to bury us. Facebook was unfairly censoring our posts, making them unseen to the public we were trying to reach. Big Hollywood companies were mysteriously “not interested” after expressing strong support. Our small team starting facing burnout and fatigue.

It wasn’t looking good. We fell about a month behind our planned release schedule.

But you stuck with us.

You lifted us up. Many of you volunteered to help.

You made a lot of noise and caught the attention of two distribution companies called Tugg & Demand.Film.

The only thing we needed now were some big publicity events to make a successful partnership with them possible. Without a massive marketing budget, we needed big premiere events in Hollywood and New York City to get the media behind us and lead to wider distribution in theaters, TV, and streaming services.

To the Rescue

After our successful North American Premiere, I watched my best friend’s mom (who smoked two packs a day) quit smoking. She was at our after-party and she picked up one of the Von Erl (a party sponsor) vapor devices and tried it. I know many folks think flavors are only for kids, but she loved the chocolate flavor so much she quit smoking on the spot.

The reaction was priceless.

Months later, she has quit for good, so did her husband (who now has a new mod). Their family has gone through a revolution and my best friend will have his parents around for many more years.

959,999,956 lives left to save.

When I told that story to Günter (CEO of Von Erl) over Skype, he told me that’s why he got into this business. He asked if he could sponsor our Hollywood Premiere Global Launch Party to help make it an effective event and reach even more people with the truth. He also asked if we could do the same in Berlin. He lives in Austria and really wanted to see the movie in German for his neighbors and loved ones to know the truth.

I said yes, and today after all the worries and hard work and waiting, we can finally announce that this film is going to be seen on hundreds of screens worldwide and will be covered by some of the most prestigious press outlets on the planet.

What they say about this movement will largely be based on what happens in the next 10 days.

The battle truly begins today.

The Plan

Life-saving vapor technology has a PR problem. It’s been beaten steadily for the past several years and most of the public thinks it’s harming society, addicting children, and supporting Big Tobacco.

Consequently, politicians who are mainly focused on getting re-elected are bullied and threatened by Big Pharma-funded “non-profit” organizations to go along with the bans, restrictions, and extreme taxes.

We need to get the truth out…and we need to do it now.

Our PR team in Hollywood is busy pitching more news outlets and managing our VIP list so that we can make the maximum impact with our message. Jeff Stier and the NYC organizing committee he assembled is doing the same in New York.

We need some help. The majority of big film critics and reporters will only write about something big. Netflix only wants big movies.

We need to get “big”. That means box office sales.

Through our relationship with Tugg, we now have 95% of theaters in the entire US willing to show A Billion Lives. The only catch is that we need:

  1. An organizer (it’s easy and we give back 5%)
  2. About 100 tickets reserved at each theater

We also have a similar arrangement through Demand.Film for the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. If these go well, more countries will be added.

If you’d like to see the life-saving truth spread, then please buy tickets right now. The media is watching. Invite your loved ones. Invite your leaders. Invite your neighbors.

Theaters are the best place for community education.

October 26th is our global launch day. We will kick off the launch with our Hollywood Premiere at the famous Cinerama Dome Theatre on Sunset Blvd and a smaller after-party on top the W Hollywood Hotel for invited media, celebs, and special guests.

We’ll use that time to make sure the message is heard.

We’ll have a huge red carpet at the theater for media to get pictures and footage of the attendees. Getty will be there. LA Weekly will be reviewing the film. It’s on the calendar for the LA Times. Other media (reporters, magazines, bloggers, etc.) seeking passes to the red carpet are asked to contact Press@ABillionLives.com.

If you have a potential VIP guest that can help bring attention to our fight for truth, please contact LA@ABillionLives.com. I’m saving some seats for anyone that can bring more celebs.

Sadly, that’s the only people the public listens to anymore…which is why this Hollywood Premiere is so vital.

We’re also reserving complimentary premiere tickets for the following:
Anyone who organizes a showing through Tugg or Demand.Film
Anyone that adopts one of four screenings per day at the Laemmle Music Hall in nearby Beverly Hills
State leaders for the independent Hands for a Billion Lives silent protest event

Two days later on October 28th, we’ll be headed to NYC for our New York City Premiere and Media Panel at the Cinépolis Chelsea. Thanks to planning committee chairman Jeff Stier, this event will be a massive success. I’ll be interviewed on The Street TV. The New York Times will be covering the film, so will The Village Voice. Others are RSVP’ing as I type this.

After the premiere, we’ll have a panel for the media that is moderated by a Forbes writer, including: “Winston Man” David Goerlitz, Dr. Sally Satel MD, and myself.

I will be reserving tickets for media (contact Press@ABillionLives.com) and anyone who adopts (buys a block of tickets and help promotes it) one of four screenings per day at Cinépolis Chelsea on October 28th to November 4th.

Tickets are now on sale for the NYC Premiere & Panel at 8:00pm and subsequent showings (click here). Search for Cinépolis Chelsea and the date (October 28th and beyond).

The Battle for #ABillionLives

After NYC, we begin one of the most difficult battles of this entire journey. We head to India to fight for truth at the World Health Organization FCTC COP7, which is responsible for the bans popping up around the world.

They’re protecting cigarettes and we’ve got plans to make sure the world knows it. The majority of the billion deaths will happen on their watch, and it’s time to bring them out of their secret shadowy meetings.

Stay tuned.

Upcoming dates (more details soon):

November 9th - Delhi, India
November 12th - Budapest, Hungary
November 14th - Oslo, Norway
November 16th - Tallinn, Estonia (PÖFF)
November 19th - Berlin, Germany (after-party sponsored by Von Erl & Innocigs)


Basically, this entire email boils down to this:
Help organize a screening in your US city (other countries click here).
Buy tickets throughout the entire US at Tugg, Laemmle (LA), or Cinepolis (NYC) theaters.
Invite your neighbors and loved ones.
Promote any positive press
we get to build momentum. Facebook is censoring our big posts.
Get ready for a wild ride this fall!

We’re going to win this battle!

See you at the movies!

  • Aaron Biebert & the team


I have a mnemonic for FDA that doesn’t contain swear words…:

Fascists Destroying America


#accurate #why?


It is finally out :+1: you can watch it here: http://abillionlives.vhx.tv they have it for $9.99 and also available on iTunes. Looking forward to watching it this weekend.


Outstanding information, and thank you WR as well. Just drop kicked this to 100 people, will continue to do so. Outstanding…


you can also rent it for 4.99 on amazon prime video in the states. i normally dont rent with so many paid streaming subscriptions but for this I will. probably not tonight as I am drinking and in the mood for catching up on the walking dead but soon.


Right there with ya with the drinking…except twd…All caught up lol Enjoy brother. Thanks for the heads up on the Amazon rental.


i miss beer, bourbon only for me. no carbs ftw


well that’s ok…bourbon is delicious. :grinning:


Wait, there’s no carbs in bourbon !!! ???


I just finished watching the full movie too… PLEASE share this everywhere you can!



I am 53m in and worth every penny


A good documentary, but nothing much is new to the die-hard vaper. I hope it changes the perceptions that non-vapers have against the industry. It does have the power to do that as well as vilify the tobacco and pharmacuetical industries and expose the greed of the state governments.
It is available on the free streaming sites, but I believe it is against the rules to post in the forum.


A Billion Lives feeling angry.
18 mins ·
Instead of fixing the corruption we highlight in #ABillionLives, they chose to “score bomb” us to discredit the message. In 12 hours, they dropped our score from 9.7 to 9.1
Would you help us by leaving an honest review?

my first time ever rating a movie on IMDB





C’mon people, don’t rent the movie! Buy it! The cost is only 9.99$