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A little gift for you all


Couldn’t even get past the 1:30 mark, omfg is that horrible! Cheers to you for posting it though, I haven’t had the urge to both smh AND lmfao at the same time! Sad thing is, more than one person thought that “song” was a good idea lol


The dude knows how to have fun and is entertaining if cringe worthy. Gotta respect him for that. I enjoy his over the top act.


This reminds me of the last scenes in “Boogie Nights” where after indulging in a shitton of cocaine the characters were sure it was time to start their Music careers …they were also “over the top” (of a mountain of coke) :triumph:


Yeah, that would explain RT’s…uh… persona.


…just sayin’


That abomination reared it’s ugly head no less than three times over on /r/ecr. I avoided it like the plague there as well. I had hoped that I’d be spared here, but no! @Steampugs just HAS to live up to his flair, doesn’t he?!?!

The nerve! the unmitigated GALL OF SOME PEOPLE!! I would rather have nails drawn across miles of chalkboards while I vigorously chomped through 3000 lbs of aluminum and licked a solid gross of 9V batteries than listen to…to…THAT abomination!

/rant :neutral_face:


Am I the only Rip Trippers fan here?

Granted the song? rap? was… weird. Look at the response it got. He will probably get more subs just on that video alone.
Also, the guy has a good heart and even though I do not know him personally, the man loves his family, he is willing to admit when he is wrong and he does more good than bad for the community.

Oh well, I am still a fan.


said that all along…


goooood…THAT’S what I was aiming for…thank you :smiling_imp:


I like his act, he is entertaining to watch, but I don’t take his word as gospel. Everything he reviews is amaze balls and we all KNOW that isn’t the case. This could be said for any of the professional reviewers, he’s just more known for it I suppose.



I am a huge Sunny Fan lol !!!


Rip, you tickle me! I love your videos. They brighten my day. Thank you for your silliness. Don’t ever let anyone’s judgment change you.



Good lord…


now that was funny



The horror. The shame. The poor choice (using a Wham song)…You shouldn’t have picked (bathroom) door #2 man!! Nothing good ever comes with going #2. :rofl:

Seriously though… While I have lots of respect for DJLSB, it’s great he’s not afraid to laugh at himself and post this. /chuckles
Even still, I couldn’t make it past a minute and a half.


I really like that guy. I really appreciate him having the balls to do this. That was the most God Awful singing I think I have ever heard.


OMFGWTHJH wow I made it to 1:47 and that was torture.

Though I did make out to that song as a teen.


Nope. Just Nope.