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A little gift for you all


And here’s another one. I actually kind of like it :sweat_smile:


Man…my skin just literally left my skeleton…


I made it thru the whole video. . .XD This is gonna scar me on that song forever. . .I loved that song. :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, just, hilarious that it ends with “Hope I didn’t hurt your ears”

Your hope is denied!


Ridiculous goofballs. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve definitely heard worse songs tho.


Okay, my ears were bleeding and I felt a seizure coming on after 2 minutes in on the first video.
I only lasted 10 seconds into the second video’s screeching (ear drums were giving out.)
The 3rd was a bit more tolerable (no bleeding ears or feelings of neural overload.) but still… 30mls of Root?! My wife commented about that one…
"I feel sorry for the guy if he only has 30ml of root!"
I couldn’t listen to anymore. Her comment had me rolling.
YouTube is great for watching people make fun of themselves (at least, I hope that’s what they were going for!)


Ok we have enough musicians on here to make our own ELR Themed song, amiright? Any cats good looking enough for a video? Here’s a little gift. This has been a floating topic of sorts for about a year. Mostly in my brain …a collision of a couple topics/threads. First inspiration was a heartfelt post by @GPC2012

Great storytelling bro, but next you need a great storytelling song from the “What are You listening To” thread. Steve Earle - Copperhead Road

Heh, any bagpipe players? Mandolin? (Intro) Ok we need a title… “Coilhead Rolled” OK… sigh. Here are some lyrics. If anyone actually wants to bring this to completion feel free to edit, but I’d like attribution …heh I didn’t Google this :smirk:

Ok who’s in Studio tonight? Music Dept? …tap .tap .tap is this thing on? Ok here’s the proposed lyrics for the ELR Vape Song. Remember Copperhead Road is a bit on the country side …this is a bluegrassroots movement theme song :sunglasses: so I switched my keyboard to “Nashville”. @Mourning_Glory

CoilHead Rolled - BoDarc

I smoked my first cigarette at 12 years ooold
Daddy tanned my hide …it was one a his I stole
Even though I knew what I did was wroong
I just kept a smokin’ been 40 years loong
There was more than one day I said I had enough
I’d grind it right out after takin’ one last puff
But no matter what I tried I just couldn’t quit
That monkey on my back wadn’t gonna hear o’ it

Then I got the call, had me chokin’ on the line
My Daddy in the ER, and there waddn’t no time
I jumped in my Chevy, put the pedal to the floor
Fightin’ back the tears imaginin’ him no more
Watched 60 years of cigarettes whittle him down
An evil addiction crafted by some Greedy Clown
His hoarse words whipsered from a worried face.
“Promise me son…just don’t end up in this place”

But that was back theen and this is nooow
’cuz I got off tha cigs and this is hooow
I bought a lil’ vape pen from a store in toown
Helped me quit smokin’ been a few years doown
It wuddn’t be too long before Vapin’ went wild
Bigger mods, fatter attys, e-juices with style
Went from toy sticks vapin peppermint overnight
To dual batt dynamite subohm deliiight

Then trouble started… it was movin’ too faast
What to buy what to vape I couldn’t get paast
My ‘lil ol’ vape sipped 'bout 30mls a week
Now my subohm guzzled that in one day at peak
So I googld a little Forum called Ee.eL.aaaR
That’s e-liquid-recipes and it ain’t too far
There I learnt to mix my juice for under a dollar
an if ever any question I just give em a holler

We used to smoke cigarettes and now we don’t
Ex-smokers turned Vapers and like us they don’t
Now Big Pharma an Tobacco can’t make their nut
pushin’ corrupt regulations to stick us in the butt
We share recipes and vapin’ tips the best we can
cuz’ Knowledge is Power an stickin’ it to the Man
We chose vapin’ over dyin’…that ain’t so bold
Adults Free to choose not some twelve year olds

I gotta say goodbye it’s time for me to go
gonna see my Pappy and bring him some gold
Turned him on ta vapin hopin that it ain’t too late
Keepin out the hospital, and says he feels great
Vapin’ ain’t healthy, but it’s a long way from smokin’
Makin’ as many years together and that ain’t no jokin’
To chose vapin’ over dyin’…that aiiin’t so booold
He should whooped me harder when I was twelve years old


I just realized who Rip reminds me of - -that damn bearded whiny guy from China, Il (Adult Swim show).

He doesn’t annoy me like he seems to so many, I think of him as a cartoon and he’s amusing and rather detailed, tho I do somewhat wonder if he’s trustworthy because he went with the “excessively positive” bias as a critic. But that poses no greater difficulty than figuring out, say, if Yahtzee likes a game or not with his schtick being to absolutely shit on every game.


Dude, that is solid.


you got a serious talent there Mr Darc…amazing :ok_hand:


LOVE IT! Awesome talent!


First, wow thanks for the mention. Now reading through the lyrics I just can’t help but hear Jimmy Dean’s Big John


Maybe a little song about waiting on vape mail from slow-tech…a blues song for sure.
Don’t have the words yet, but possible titles include “Tanks for nuthin”, “Dem slow boat from China blues” and “That one-eyed mailman must be lost in the woods again”. The last one sounds like more of a ballad really.