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A shameless cry for help (likes and follows actually)


I’ve been a fan of Jerry’s since I was 14. Guess it rubbed off a bit :slight_smile:


Sorry @adary I dont do social media, No FB, snapchat, Instagram or the others.
I would have been a follower of yours if i was on there. Best of luck with it though.
Dont forget to share some pics with us here, so we dont miss out :wink: :+1:


I didn’t know I had a Instagram. I guess I do, so I’m following you too. Atleast I think I am lol


Really? 0o
You’re going to shave 30 years off me? Just like that?!?! LMFAO

PS: you do know… You could make a fortune if you could manage a way to “market” this “service” right?? :laughing:


Done mate also i am @ benozelr on there


she didnt dis ma discord de she yo?


You crazy Kids!


Actually can every one here post there ig name or link so i can follow you all


I dont do social media so much but that same thing occured to me, a place to share ones you use if you have an interest in “following” each other.


I generally follow everyone back but if anyone else wants it, by all means :slight_smile:


I would rather follow you guys instead of these some of the other crap thats on there pluse i do some flavor notes on there and like to see the fancy looking recipes i am going to start sprucing up some of mine like this