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A shameless cry for help (likes and follows actually)


Hey folks,

I started to build some semblance of online presence on Instagram, and every follow and like means a lot:)

Please check it out: https://www.instagram.com/adary_vapes/

If you like it, feel free to click follow :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Done my friend, not that it means much because although I do have Instagram, I never look at it at all. :grinning:


Following! Good luck with it all. :slight_smile:


Bring back Vapey Mama’s IG


Only Vapey Mama can do that Joel, don’t bug him with it :sunglasses:


Done and done.


Thanks folks. It means a lot :slight_smile:


I’m gonna have to wish you luck. I apologize, but I just never bonded with social media. I tried and it just gave me irritable bowel syndrome.



/10 char


I can totally relate to that :slight_smile:

Thanks @TheTinMan :smiley:


Sorry I would but I don’t do much social media like Ogre. Good luck!


Done. I also seldom mess with instagram either.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Same here I don’t do social media, snap chats, discord or any other b.s. that seems to be mandatory these days with the “newer” generation. But I do support your topic with a like and comment, might count for something :wink:


It always does :slight_smile:



and here I thought you looked like batman.

Got a follow from me too.

Where are your reviews?


@adary I don’t social media much, and don’t have an Instagram acct.


Ahh screw it, I’ll follow you anyway :slight_smile:


Since you’re there check out the coil porn. Some pretty amazing artists post over there. It’s the only reason I have an account to begin with.


Done. BTW, you have a vague resemblance to Jerry Garcia. :blush: