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A website that gives you recommended juices


What if there was a website that could give you recommended juices, based on flavor or juices. :slight_smile: That would be cool. “Recommended Juices”





I thought maybe Feature / Feedback but worded wrong… :confused:


Your guess is good as any… chuckles


Remember that it is friday night and your posts will be picked at more.
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This is definitely something I will look into at a later date. Analyzing which recipes you rated good, then finding people who rated similarly and recommending recipes they like. This should play nicely with tags, when we get them :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


For the record, I wasn’t picking on him (or intending to anyways)… It was more like: I have no idea what you’re trying to do/say here.

As there are websites (paid services) that send a “flavour of the month” pack, based upon both an initial questionnaire, as well as feedback from juices they send you (as you build a profile history with them.

And then, on the other hand… Was it giving ELR a kudos for job well done? Because we basically have some level of that functionality towards accomplishing that goal…

Or… Was it more of an idea being tossed out for “I’ve got a website idea! What do y’all think?!”

There’s just so many ways to read what was tossed out, I was hoping to get the OP to clarify. Or, maybe it’s just me. shrugs & laughs

Nothing malicious intended here though.


The best thing I can think of in comparison is like tastedive or imbd,
People who liked this also liked:… kind of thing


I like that idea, if one wants to do something like that now you can check out folks that rated it and see what else they rated. Thats what i do, there is probably an easier way tho, i mixed with syringes for years until folks here forced me to use a scale just because i was to lazy to learn something new, hehe.


Maybe court Google for some of their algorithms. They seem to be masters at “presenting” you with things based on what you look at.

tongue tightly in cheek!


take ytubes recommendations and you will be vaping body lotions before u know it


i suggested it because my wife is particular about her juice, she has been vaping for about 2 years and has only stuck to 2 juices, both by Time bomb. I googled “juices like TNT time bomb” and it kinda dawned on me in… I wonder if there is a juice website (DIY or Non=diy) where you could find juices like that similar to IMDB…(which I had pulled up in a separate webpage.


You mean like this?


:star_struck: what…the…f? wow, technology is crazy lmao


Never seen juicedb, eh? I had forgotten all about them, to be honest. Been so long since i bought any juice… Im not sure what it is like now but it used to be an awesome resource.


Are you female?

Between the ages of 20 and 50?

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Oh hell nevermind… Great idea


do what? lmao