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Added a bunch of warnings to Flavor West


FLV Cupcake Batter … is this available yet ? I’m interested


I just got a sample a few days ago. I’m not sure if it’s on the site yet.[quote=“Amy2, post:19, topic:54521”]
Acai Berry

I have these 3… I have used tres leches yet tho.


It wasn’t I just looked but I also emailed Brendan to see when he thought they may release it. thanks !
Do you like it thus far or is it steeping ?

I pulled them all out and put them away for now.I’m still in denial but I’ll ditch them eventually. I am not going to use them thou… I just got a few of them off my list sux. I hate being lied to.


It’s steeping. I mixed it at 3% and did a finger taste. It seemed a little mild. I’ll vape some this weekend and let you know how it goes.


Please do !!! I haven’t been using yellow cake on the reg for sometime now bc of the coil gunking but it is crappy that it’s off the table for a suggestion. I am sure something better for us and better tasting will come along.

thank you


I love Tres Leches and is the only FW flavoring that i use regularly outside of Extreme Ice. I have some research of my own to do before i make a decision on this. I quit using their flavorings as a result of their first lie and just recently bought a couple.


@daath Have you been playin around again? What’s this new thing I’ve noticed at the bottom of this thread ‘This topic will automatically close in 7 days’ ???

On hand and apparently on the ‘bad’ list:

Corn Syrup

TFA Caramel Original
TFA DX Caramel Original

Sugar Syrup (CAS 57-48-7)

FW Banana Nut Bread (1-10%)
FW Coffee (25-35%)
FW Gummy Bear (20-30%)
FW Kiwi Natural (20-30%)
FW Macadamia Nut (5-15%)
FW Raspberry Natural (1-10%)
FW Tres Leches (10-20%)
FW Watermelon Natural (10-20%)

Fructose (Fruit Sugar, CAS 57-48-7)

FW Cake Batter Dip (10-15%)
FW Yellow Cake (20-30%)

Peanut Essence

May not mean allergen-causing

FW Peanut Butter (<1%)


From prior FW topics, it was stated that a lot of ejuice vendors use FW in their recipes. I wonder if they are aware of this and will they be forthcoming about it.

I’m starting to feel like a test dummy.


We were talking about this in chat a little bit ago. Id be willing to bet that 2/3s of MountBakers flavors have FW in them.

Id like to hear @ringling’s thoughts.

This would be a perfect opportunity for @Walt_RealFlavors to contact some of the known vendors. :wink:


That Reddit thread had several vendors in it chatting it up.


Would it be acceptable for you to list those companies? I have banned myself from reddit for the foreseeable future.


All the announcements I make close after a week :slight_smile: It’s automatic - I think I set it up on the category when we launched the forum…


Well it would be hard as some are on personal accounts. Blue Dot Vapors started the thread. Several from the DIY_Juice reddit are involved. I kind of think that threads going to see a lot of action for a few weeks.


Alrighty, thanks bud. Ive got the information that i need from A.B.'s site so i got what i actually need.


Whats so bad about fructose in Vape?


Fructose is a sugar. Sugars melt at 320oF, caramelize at 340oF and at 410oF it begins to char and decompose. When sugar burns it can produce toxins, some of which are suspected carcinogens.


It’s probably way to early to know but, do we have an idea or a guess about harm reduction?

Cigarette smoke already contains the same sugar carcinogens, as a former pack and a half a day smoker, I am trying to figure out if I vape 15ml of a juice which is only 2.5% yellow cake, which itself is only 20-30% fructose, how does that compare to smoking cigarettes. Because that’s what is important to me, but I certainly like that I am TOLD these things and can make a decision. I just wish there was a faster way to figure all this out, lol.


@Burritoclock - Personally I wouldn’t be too worried. Your 15ml bottle would contain 0.1125ml of sugars (0.75%). Still - it’s something people should know so they can make an informed decision :slight_smile:


lol @ FW. I’d hate to be the guy over there who was like “hey let’s put sugar in ours, it’ll taste waaaaay better”.


Hi gang, I just looked at my bottles of yellow cake and peppermint from FW (4oz) and noticed in the ingredient section that they state “no added sugars”. Strange. Anyway, just wanted to put that out there since it seems FW is being deceptive. :worried: