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Added a bunch of warnings to Flavor West


Maybe that’s some technicality… Like the ingredients already had sugar, but they didn’t add any.


certainly possible. Tricky wording if that’s true. I attached a pic just for reference.


Indeed. Companies will use semantics any time they can legally get away with it, so I wouldn’t put it past them.


Tic Tacs are labelled as zero sugar despite sugar being it’s primary ingredient because if a single serving contains less than 0.5 g of sugars it is allowable to express the amount of sugar in a serving as zero. One serving is one Tic Tac and it’s mostly sugar.


Interesting, The same logic applies to trans fat too. They can claim 0 trans fat if it’s less than 0.5g.

I was taught you can never round down to 0…but what do i know.


Looks like I am tossing out these bottles anyway since I just noticed they are passed the year mark :joy: hahaha


Such a waste having to throw out all the ones I made using some of these


I would not throw them away. Just use them until they are gone, then never buy them again if you wish. Seems like a waste.

I haven’t got any but will buy Yellow cake until @NotCharlesManson comes up with alternative for it in the SB Shortcake Bar.


I meant the FW bottles say best if used in one year from manufacture date. (pic above) And it’s been a little over a year. Or does that matter? thanks!


Usually he will weigh in when it comes to FW. I’d also like to hear his comments. I’m not a big fan of FW, but there’s few I really like. Most of what I like are on this list.


Link to reddit topic?


It’s mentioned in the top post


First and foremost, Flavor West along with all the other flavoring companies we use are meant to be used in foods not inhalation. None of the companies are obliged to provide more information than what the law says. The only company that’s going out of their way to provide us with the information we seek and clean flavorings is FlavourArt.


Flavorah line is made for vaping…

Flavorah is super concentrated flavoring made for DIY and craft ejuice.

Unlike other concentrated flavors that were formulated for candy, beverages and baking, Flavorah’s high potency and unique flavor profiles makes it the real choice for vapor. By making the same undiluted flavors available that are used by many commercial ejuice manufactures, we put the power into your hands to blend and customize your vaping experience.

We design our kosher, food grade flavorings to steep faster, mix well together and vape strong. Ultimately, our goal is to empower vapers to do it themselves and make their own decisions about what tastes good and works for them. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


FlavorWest lists on their site their recommendations on percentages of their flavorings to be used ‘for E-use’. They sell PG and VG, and what they call E-Caffeine (which is a whole other scam), and they post their A-P and Diacetyl analysis certifications, which is something that nobody cares about for food and beverages. They absolutely know their products are being used for E-juice and are absolutely marketing it for that use. They absolutely know they are selling via wholesale accounts to DIY E-juice retailers. They think they are playing a fine-line legal game by not being explicit what the term ‘E-use’ means - no where specifically mentioning E-cigs or E-juice or vaping - but a legal case could easily be made that they are knowingly targeting the E-juice market. IMO, they should not be supported by the vaping community because they have been shown to be at best ‘deceptive’ and at worst, outright lying.


Yes, of cource, when @ringling talks, everyone listens…lol. Guys, I have been sick for weeks now. First the trees here in Texas started dropping the pollen worst than any year I have ever experienced and then I get the Flu. Finally getting it back together after the Flu but the pollen keeps dropping making me continually sick at this time. That’s putting me extremely behind on all shop blending and other work, and quite frankly not in the mode for socializing. But here’s my two cents on this subject…

I looked at the list presented to us and out of all those flavors I own only 7 of them. None of the rest I even have a desire to own. One flavor I own is the FW peanut butter which I already knew have trace peanut, DUH… This is a important flavor in my stash for nutty flavor additive. Out of the remaining six flavors I own 3 I don’t like and have no plans of using them now or in the future. That leaves 3 FW flavors that actually concern me and those are…

FW Dragonfruit
FW Gummi Bear
FW Yellow Cake

FW Yellow Cake can easily be replaced with FW Vanilla Cupcake with not a lot of taste change. I can not replace the Gummi Bear. My customers demand this flavor. Best I can do is make them aware. Dragonfruit will be tough too but possibly replaceable. OK, that names only the FW flavors that concern me BUT the flavor on that list that’s concerns me MOST is a TFA flavor. That flavor is…

TFA Caramel (Original)

This flavor is deeply Entrenched into many of my shop juices. This is another flavor that most likely is not replaceable. This saddens me greatly.

NOW, my general thoughts about Fructose And FW, and their supposed lying again. Truth be told Flavor West makes available all SDS and MSDS sheets for every flavor they sell. Being this info is available it’s quite hard to say that Flavor West lies to anyone. Truth be told other flavor companies use questionable ingredients yet do not get near the heat that Flavor West does. People better start thinking about the Sucralose many companies are using to sweeten. A substance the human body CAN NOT process. Sucralose is not good for those taking it orally so what about vaping it, I ask you…

Final thoughts, I think it’s time for people to look at all these companies and stop DWELLING ONLY on Flavor West. The results these flavor companies are looking for is all the same and quite frankly sweetening and cream/butter seem to be the least safest of all profiles. The sad thing is one ingredients substitute is rarely much safer than anothers ingredient…


Good info… your comments are greatly appreciated. You’re right… I’m sure there are other suspect flavors/companies out there and vapers need to be aware of what we are consuming. This takes researching flavors to another level… Thanks again.[quote=“ringling, post:56, topic:54521”]
TFA Caramel (Original)
This is one at use at higher % than Yellow Cake. A definite no go for me after reading this post.


I agree with this statement. I also think that all Flavor companies need to get serious about proactively addressing these issues with warnings or disclaimers as well as alternative flavor options (V1 and V2 type stuff). I think this would help not only the flavor companies but the juice manufacturers that rely on them to address concerns in the face of pending regulations. Now’s not the time to bury information for anyone and hope it just doesn’t come out. I like the approach that Walt from Real Flavors is taking with this and hope others will follow suit. Batch by batch testing with easily accessible MSDS and SDS per batch. Thumbs up to his proactivity.


Hope you feel better! Seasonal allergies are kicking in for me too, time to break out the Ice Ice Baby!


So any word on salted caramel? Not sure how to check