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Allergies, Sensitivity and such


Vaping has changed my life in the last couple of months.
it gave me a new look on flavour (im a head chef by trade) got my off ciggs and gave me a new hobby in the process.
Ever since i have decided to mix i have noticed how my body reacts to certain things and am encountering new things every day.
for instance TPA graham cracker clear it hits my throat really hard after a few swigs.
Now i im interested in what kind of Allergies, Sensitivity`s or insensitivitys are around?

For me i have a Few isseus with some flavourings or ingredients

acetyl perazine (makes me cough and hits my throat very hard from the first few swigs)
Acetyl Propionyl (makes me cough and hits my throat very hard after a while)
TPA SB Ripe (i need another SB to boost it or it will be nothing) ((no, im not over-flavouring i started low))
TPA Graham cracker clear (it has this off taste like a white chocolate sweetness its rancid)

What have u encountered?


How much time did you steep this? It definitely matures over time.


It’s not a flavor allergy or sensitivity, but through a lot of trial and error I learned that if I vape kanthal coils all day it makes me wheeze after a couple days, switched over to SS and my lungs are happy again.


Everyone’s palate can perceive a flavor in a different way. Some like me can only faintly perceive strawberry flavors. But like @Phil_Fish asked how long have you aged your mixes?


What I found after six months I started vaping is PG is creating me problems. Throat and skin irritation. I’m now in the process of eliminating PG completely. Time will tell.


Glazed Doughnut(TPA) @ 5% solo SF still burns my throat still. Steeping 21 days
But that nasty Play Dough taste is fading away.
Also Meringue (FA) I believe.) Also burns at 4% SF I was looking for the lemon cookie taste that alot of flavor notes talk about. Steeping since 2/24/18 maybe another week. We’ll see


It remains the same at more then 2 months.

Also because of the azytel Propionyl that it contains.
It might have something to do with that I can only use it in very low % as with most concentrates that use azytel propionyl (most cookie flav).

But only GCC gives me that rancid faint sweetness.