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Alternative to Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) (PG)?


i want to make a recipe which contains
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) (PG) that i dont have :frowning:
Is it possible to replace it with ETHYL MALTOL?

thanks for anybody knows


two different things completely , AP is an enhancer that has a bready nutty type taste , EM is cotton candy taste


so should buy Acetyl Pyrazine?
if so, my recipe goes for tomorrow :frowning:


what is the recipe ?? maybe you have some type of bakery or nut that you cld use or maybe even a cream like TPA cheescake with graham that has a good amount of AP in it


No, Ethyl Maltol is not a good substitute. These two flavor additive/enhancers share nothing in common. As you can see below.

Acetyl Pyrazine taste description: Roasted, nutty, bready and yeasty, with popcorn and corn chip nuances good for graham cracker flavors.

Ethyl Maltol (EM) – Common confectionary sweetner used in eliquids to round out harsh upper notes and sweeten sour/bitter flavors. You may know ethyl maltol solutions by the name – Cotton Candy


i love AP i use it in a lot of things it is an enhancer yiu either love or hate


here is what i gonna do,

Nicotine base (PG/VG) 65.00 71.67
Acetyl Pyrazine 5% (TPA) (PG) 0.30 0.31
Graham Cracker (Clear) (TPA) (PG) 0.50 0.52
Hazelnut (FW) (PG) 1.00 1.05
Peanut Butter (TPA) (PG) 1.00 1.05
RY4 Double (TPA) (PG) 4.00 4.19
VG 0.63 0.79
PG 27.57 28.60
Sum 100.00 108.19


is this your recipe ? or another persons ?


no it is not mine,
here is the original


being that its a popular juice id make it how the mixer did it thats me though , and im not a RY4 person lol but ya grab some AP you will use it so it wont be a waste plus if you love the recipe you will need it


ohhh well i make a phone call, and thanks to a friend,
he will me bring some!

So in any case, you dont recommend such a replace, correct?


if anything id drop it completely , however the mixer seems to know what hes doing and the juice has a great following so im sure he used the AP for a reason , id imagine at that percentage and with the other flavors the AP was probably what enhanced those other flavors to taste how it does … so id leave it as is and grab some AP


thanks for all answers,
in 2 weeks i will post for results


Do you have any Popcorn concentrates or you could just bump both hazelnut and peanut butter up by .2% each. All AP is doing is adding richness and /or support to any nut or grain note here.


It’s like asking if you can replace nuts with sugar… 2 toootally different things.
(You probably could try, but it’ll be a totally different recipe)

Best bet if you don’t have AP is to just leave it out of the recipe, but know it won’t be the same. AP leaves a noticeable difference in even tiny amounts.
To my knowledge, there is no good substitute. AP provides a unique flavor and mouthfeel.
If you don’t have access to AP from TPA, you could make it yourself by dissolving AP crystals in PG.