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"Alternative" Uses for Flavor Concentrates


Thank Goodness for this thread, as I’ll never use all my FA Dark Bean Espresso in vapes, but OH The Places we’ll GO now!

Thinking of replacing essential oils, there’s a billion… OMG :open_mouth:

Two are

SCENTED WAX - Drops in candles, but more specifically the scented wax that’s melted over a light bulb in… whatever those things are called. Scent fades to nothing while wax stays (usu. thrown away).

Insect repellent (orange and mints, etc etc)


Can you just dump a PG nico base in there and huff 'til your eye cross?

Kidding, maybe not kidding :drooling_face:


I’ve tried the wax thing before and got nothing. I think the diffuser would be the better way to go for air freshening since these are “water-based” and not oil-based flavors.


I would greatly appreciate a copy (PM with deets)


The idea of a diffuser is that it meters the scent. Just put some on a paper towel in your trash can …like I have right now :wink: My office smells like cake and strawberries. Oh but I do have a ultrasonic diffuser and the Scentsy (commercial) oils are SO expensive


I found that my concentrates work great for flavoring special homemade gummy bears!


I never would have thought of that! I’m sure I can find a method online somewhere, but how do you measure the amount of flavoring to use?


I measured about 5 cc?s into one cup batch. I did sweet strawberry (cap)