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Am I the only one


How about sprucing up fruits w/ other things besides creams? You could do fruit gummi bear(FW), bubble gum, champagne (sparkling wine), glazed donut(cap),add a lil cookie or graham crust for a crunch.


After trying this, i think i will be making a couple minor changes to it, mainly i think the blueberry needs to be lowered, and lemonade raised a little. But im not going to edit it tonight, so if anyone does mix it, just keep that in mind until i do fix it… But it is vapeable as is still either way.

Edit: ive updated the recipe with my minor changes noted


I have this one steeping @mikelej14 :grin:

(apologies for teeny tiny derail :rofl:)


I’m the opposite. I’m not big into fruits unless it’s floral. I prefer custards and bakery flavors. That being said, here are some of the fruity vapes I like. (Some have a tiny bit of cream, but it’s not a flavor that’s noticeable.)

@woftam’s Barrel of Monkeys

My Strawberry Salad and Sparkle Berry (if I’m in the mood)

@bradslinux Dragon Crack

@therabidweasel’s Jacked Cactus, Pearvana, and Snail Trail

@SthrnMixer’s GF Yourself

@LordVapor’s Cherry Fizz


This thread needed a good savory vape. Something BOLD !!


Too creamy Bob :rofl:


I don’t think too creamy was the op first thoughts.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but its great example how vast,“BOLD !!”, creative and interesting mixes can be.


OP here…
You guys sure don’t disappoint. Lots of good options here. Thanks to everybody (except Bob…that may be over the line…:smiley: )

Had to place an order anyway,but now am adding 642,698,431 new flavors…

Thanks again


This is a funny one for sure. Amoretti Sour Cream is strong and can shine through on it’s own easily but even at high numbers against the Pretzel it’s lost. All it does it bring the usually very subdued Pretzel Screaming to the front yelling I"M Salty !!. Very unexpected mix for sure.